Book talk and signing by Criminal Defense Attorney and Author John W. Hartmann at Tachair Bookshoppe on January 12 at 7 pm

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7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday, January 12


Tachair Bookshoppe, 260 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07302


Tachair Bookshoppe in Jersey City will host Trenton attorney and former state assemblyman, John W. Hartmann, on Saturday, January 12 at 7 pm to talk about his memoir Jacket: The Trials of a New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney. Described by the publisher as a “provocative and bitingly funny memoir,” this book by Trenton attorney and former state assemblyman John W. Hartmann provides a candid and humorous look inside NJ’s fractious criminal justice system and Trenton politics. A book signing will follow.

John W. Hartmann, an entertaining speaker who has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows, has written an engaging, humorous and most unusual memoir called “Jacket”, where he dishes out amusing anecdotes from his life in law and politics and the story of the one defendant who truly was innocent. Central to “Jacket” is the story of Hartmann's client Nate Smith -- wrongly identified in a robbery and locked up for a crime he didn't commit. With this case as the background, Hartmann provides a "from the trenches" view from the street to the courtroom to the verdict. Through Hartmann’s irreverent humor, he puts a human face on the dysfunctional New Jersey justice system. Hartmann’s self-deprecating wit and keen eye for all things absurd and ironic makes “Jacket” a compelling read for “Law and Order” fans. The prestigious Kirkus Review praised “Jacket” saying: "[Hartmann's] reflections are entertainingly scattershot, nimbly jumping from one impossibly absurd scenario to another, capturing the surreal wheels of justice in motion. A keen, lighthearted look at the human side of law".

“John Hartmann paints a vivid picture of the ‘New Jersey Way’ of prosecuting and defending persons accused of crimes,” according to Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University. George called Jacket “a raucous ride through theNew Jersey criminal court system.”

For more information about this book talk and signing please call Tachair Bookshoppe at (862)234-0822, or visit their website   Tachair is located at 260 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07302.