Succulent Propagation Workshop




The Ruth Bancroft Garden 1552 Bancroft Rd. Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Propagation is one of the first techniques to learn as you explore your love for succulent water-conserving plants. Whether you want to use your plants in crafts and décor or just have an abundant collection in your garden, we will teach you the most successful and easiest methods of increasing your collection. Growing succulents from seed, while possible, is not the most common practice for the most popular varieties. Succulents are easy to propagate through different techniques including division and by taking cuttings. These activities produce quick results and utilize the natural tendency of the plant in a very effective way. Learn which types of plants thrive with which practices, see demonstrations of some of the more unique activities and participate in some hands-on practice of the common routines that you will use frequently in your garden.


$20.00 Members of RBG get a discount, entry for only $12! Please register for this event by calling (925)944-9352.