International Conference on Biothreats and Biodefense

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Monday, Tuesday


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Biodefense-2012 will be the scientific platform bringing together the people sharing the agenda of live and let others live. The conference not only put forth the ideas from scientific community but also welcomes the policy makers to explain the scientific decisions in the sociological context. Biodefense-2012 shares the opportunity to bring together the various scientific disciplines like Formal Sciences, Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences from the academia, corporate, activists, NGOs and defense organizations to come up with a holistic approach to combat the threats created from the forms of life. Conference Highlights: • Public Health and Infectious Diseases concerning to Known and Unknown Biothreats • Developing Scientific Tools for Biosurvillience and Pathogen Characterization • Biothreat Detection and Characterization • Government Policy and Legal Aspects • Challenges of Emerging Biothreats and Future Prospects


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