Silly on Sixth Children's Series of Hoboken's Hudson Theatre Ensemble presents "The Little Engine That Could" - a funny adaptation with music, song, and dance

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1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Saturday, June 21


Hudson School Performance Space, 601 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030


Contact: Florence Pape, Director of Development   201-377-7014      
     Diana London, Producer/Artistic Director

Hudson Theatre Ensemble Silly on Sixth Children’s Series presents

The Little Engine That Could, a heartwarming & fun adaptation  with music, song, and dance!


“Your group is such a treasure for Hoboken.  You always put on such fantastic productions!”
—Geri Fallo, Director of Cultural Affairs for City of Hoboken

6 Performances only:

 Saturday June 14, 2014 @ 11AM & 1PM

Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 11AM & 1PM 

 Sunday June 22, 2014 @ 11AM & 1PM

Show runs about 40 minutes

Call for Birthday Reservations!

Hudson School Performance Space   601 Park Ave    Hoboken, NJ    07030  

$8 for Kids; $10 for Adults;    201-377-7014 or 

And if your child has a June birthday, what an easy way to celebrate by incorporating Silly on Sixth and The Little Engine That Could  into your birthday plans!  The entire audience will sing Happy Birthday to your darling child, your group has a wonderful time seeing The Little Engine That Couldthe kids meet the actors after the show, and then off you go to one of Hoboken's many family-friendly eateries to continue the festivities.  Just call Florence for details at 201-377-7014!  

The Little Engine That Could   and its all-adult cast will delight children ages 3 to 10 while entertaining their families in the 14th season of the Hudson Theatre Ensemble Children’s Series Silly on Sixth.  This timeless classic about a little train that uses will and belief in herself to overcome obstacles is wonderful for children and adults alike and has been a major inspiration for many generations of children.  Our funny adaptation includes lots of memorable music and a beautiful dancing doll courtesy of Garden Street School of the Performing Arts!  Featuring our earnest and peppy Little Engine, our warm and engaging Train Conductor, our sweet little girl, our haughty Passenger Train, our Brooklyn Street Smarts Cargo Train, our wise, old Steam Engine, our dancing doll, and our very friendly Southern Belle Birthday train, your child is sure to have a fabulous time and will be singing “I think I can! I think I can!” for a long time to come. 

Please note that our beautiful, child-friendly, ground-floor, air-conditioned theater is completely barrier-free & accessible to persons with disabilities. 

Here’s what our audience says:  “We can’t wait for the next children’s show. Our family has seen every one of them!”  “This was my almost 4 year old’s first exposure to theater and he loved it so much, I was nearly brought to tears. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful interactive show with such a talented kid-friendly cast!  “Knowing you are in Hoboken is such a big boon. It was a thrill to me that my 5-year old loved her first real introduction to theatre!”  “The shows are hysterically funny & the kids really love them. We definitely will be visiting you again!”  “I am once again looking forward to a great time. My daughter LOVES these shows.”  “We go to every Silly on Sixth show and the kids as well as the parents really enjoy them.” 

Our Gold Sponsor for The Little Engine That Could is the practice of Drs. Brescia, Migliaccio, Chinn, Moon, Picard, Lowe, & Tully, Obstetrics & Gynecology


Cast:  Laura DiCerto, Gregory Nye, Florence Pape, Jason Pumarada, Howard Richman,  Catriona Rubenis-Stevens  &  Addie Kriegel of  the Annie Mac Dance Company courtesy of Garden Street School of  the Performing Arts


Producer/Artistic Director:  Diana London;   Director of Development:  Florence Pape;   Adaptation:  Diana London;  Director: Howard Richman;   Stage Manager:  Donna Gearhardt Healey; Set & Lighting Design:  Howard Richman; Sound & Lighting Technician:  Donna Gearhardt Healey;   Playbill:  Donna Gearhardt Healey;  Additional Lyrics:  Howard Richman   Choreography for Dancing Doll:  Laura Bailey of Garden Street School of the Performing Arts;    Graphics/Webmaster:  Susan Newman Design, Inc.;   Photographer: John Crittenden/Show Me Your Faces; Videographer:  Michael DiCerto;   House Manager: Alan Welner;  Box Office:  Harriet Tainsky; Stagehand:  Keith Healey

Photo 1    Photo By John Crittenden/ShowMeYour Faces   left to right 

Gregory  Nye (Jersey City);  Florence Pape (Hoboken);  Jason Pumarada (Jersey City); Catriona Rubenis-Stevens (Jersey City);   Laura DiCerto (Hoboken);  Howard Richman (Jersey City)

   Photo 2    Photo By John Crittenden/ShowMeYour Faces  

 In front:  Laura DiCerto (Jersey City);   then clockwise:  Jason Pumarada (Jersey City); Florence Pape (Hoboken); Gregory Nye (Jersey City);  Howard Richman (Jersey City);  Catriona Rubenis-Stevens (Jersey City)







$8.00 $10 for adults