Riverside Inn/Dinner Theatre
1 Fountain Avenue Cambridge Springs PA 16403
Category: Restaurant
   Alcohol Served: Yes
   Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner
   Take-out: Yes
   Type of Food: Barbecue - other - Steak House - Diners and Cafes
Category: Hotels and Lodging
   Amenities: Hotel Restaurant - Other - Parking - Room Service
   Business Type: Hotel - Bed and Breakfast - Inn - Other - Resort - Suites
Category: Arts and Entertainment
   Business Type: Bars and Clubs - Family Entertainment - Other - Performing Arts
Monday: 6am-11pm
Tuesday: 6am-11pm
Wednesday: 6am-11pm
Thursday: 6am-11pm
Friday: 6am-11pm
Saturday: 6am-11pm
Sunday: 6am-11pm
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