Mayor Fulop hires campaign worker at City Hall
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Paul Bellan-Boyer (far right) pictured here during a 2012 community meeting regarding the sale of Christ Hospital. Also pictured: Ward C activist and former Fulop aide Althea Bernheim and current Ward C City Councilman Richard Boggiano.
Paul Bellan-Boyer (far right) pictured here during a 2012 community meeting regarding the sale of Christ Hospital. Also pictured: Ward C activist and former Fulop aide Althea Bernheim and current Ward C City Councilman Richard Boggiano.
JERSEY CITY -- Another loyalist to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has been hired at City Hall.

Longtime activist and affordable housing advocate Paul Bellan-Boyer has been hired to work in the City’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). He began his new job this week.

Bellan-Boyer, who lives in Ward B, helped run Fulop’s campaign on the West Side and campaigned heavily for Khemraj “Chico” Ramchal, the current Ward B City Councilman who ran on Fulop’s slate. He previously helped get votes for Board of Education candidates who had been endorsed by Fulop. Bellan-Boyer was a vocal supporter of the Fulop-allied school board’s decision to hire Dr. Marcia Lyles as the superintendent of schools over Franklin Walker last year.

He was also part of Fulop’s transition committee, which was an unpaid volunteer post.

Bellan-Boyer has a background in social service work. He was the director of the Jersey City Episcopal Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit developer of affordable housing. The organization has created approximately 200 affordable housing units in the city.

Bellan-Boyer also co-founded the grassroots Save Christ Hospital campaign after the hospital declared bankruptcy and was on the verge of being sold to a California-based for-profit company that had a questionable record in its home state. After that deal fell through, and the for-profit owners of Bayonne Medical Center stepped in to buy Christ, Bellan-Boyer continued to work through the Save Christ Hospital campaign to ensure that community and staff concerns were addressed by the state during the sale.

Several longtime Fulop allies and campaign workers have been hired at City Hall since July 1, when the mayor took office, including Pam Andes, Althea Bernheim, and now Bellan-Boyer.

These hires exclude Fulop’s senior-level, department director picks. Elected officials who serve in an executive branch position like mayor are generally given a lot of leeway in whom they hire for senior-level politically appointed posts. Fulop has hired a number of associates and supporters to director-level positions within his administration. But such hires were to be expected.

Hiring for non-senior jobs is another matter.

As a city councilman for Ward E, Fulop was often critical of nepotism within the administration of his predecessor, Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy.

City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill did not respond to two e-mails seeking information regarding Bellan-Boyer’s title or job function at HHS.

See this weekend's newspaper for more on Fulop's transition. – E. Assata Wright
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July 22, 2013
Mucho cuidado con este señor Paul Bellan-Boyer, se disfraza de activista comunitario, cuando en realidad lo que el e un lambón o un buscón. Que busca? Los que lambones que votaron por S. Fulop saben que el tiene para ellos, polvo. Eso es lo que le va a dar a todos los lambones sin educación. Para Fulop es muy importante que su gente tenga un título universitario, y todos los lambones que lo ayudaron en la campaña, que no se vistan que no van para ningún lado. Esto es lo que el quería acomodar a gusanos como Bellan-Boyer. Ese traicionero, no ayudo en nada Christ Hoptial. Si, ayudo a venderlo mas rápido y a entregar las personas que se oponían a que se vendiera el hospital. En todo momento el se infiltro en los diferentes grupos pretendiendo ayudar, pero sus intensiones eran otras. Vamos a ver que el ineptito va a traer al departamento de salud, me imagino que ideas extremas y mas castigo para el pueblo. Las intenciones de este individuo son claramente que seguir castigando y trampeando al pueblo. Este señor es el enemigo público numero 1 de los residentes de Jersey City. Vamos a vigilarlo de cerca.

July 26, 2013
Yes, Paul Bellan-Boyer is a hustler and a cheat. Yes, he is up to no good. The weird thing is why Fulop doesn't see this without taking into consideration this person's character. No community activist could have such reckless disregard for his own neighbors. Bellan-Boyer and his wife haven't paid their condo maintenance in years. The below judgment is a matter of public record, which you can find the "Judgment Lien Search" (Last button on the menu on left hand side) on the


Judgment Status: Open Status Date: 03/20/2012

Debt Information

Debt Amount: $55731.19 Debt Status: Open Party Debt Status: Open Party Debt Status Date: 03/20/2012
canco lofts
September 02, 2013
can you translate?
canco lofts
September 02, 2013
That was for the above post
September 02, 2013
The translation is:

Be very careful with Paul. He acts like an activist for the community when all he is is a brown noser (ass kisser). Like someone doing whatever it takes to fit in and be accepted. Like those that voted for Fulop because they have privileges with him and get what they want.

For Fulop, its important that his people have that high title and all those that helped his campaign. Those are the people (worms or snakes) like Bellan-Boyer. That liar doesn't help in nothing with Christ Hospital. Yes he helped sell it quickly and exposed those against it. In every moment, he infiltrated in different groups posing to help but he had other plans .

Let's see what he brings to the health department. I can imagine its extreme ideas and punishment for the city. His intentions are to trample/punish the city. He is the number one enemy of the residents of Jersey City. Let's keep a close watch.
July 22, 2013
His Majesty Stevie’s belly boy Paul has done good for himself. Campaigned very hard for His Majesty, and was the front man for Billy and his boy Cheeko. Paulie belly boy looked the other way when news hit that Cheeko lied about graduating high school from Bayonne and knew to keep his mouth shut to get rewarded. Walked the streets with convicted felon Philly shamelessly calling himself activist. Belly-boy has done good for himself and his belly to gulp tax payers blood.

The lollipop guild sings, we are change, fa la la.