Arrested Hoboken City Hall employee Ricciardi hears charges in federal court; bail set at $100,000
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HOBOKEN -- With little fanfare and no plea, Hoboken city employee Patrick Ricciardi was read his charges in federal court in Newark on Wednesday afternoon. Ricciardi had been arrested earlier that day for allegedly slipping confidential City Hall communications to unauthorized parties, including allegedly at least one present city official who has not been named.

In court, Ricciardi, a Hoboken resident, had his hands and feet shackled.

He faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison if convicted on three charges for which he was arrested.

Ricciardi did not enter a plea at the hearing. An FBI complaint said that he allegedly confessed to the crime back in May.

However, they held off on arresting him until Wednesday, which happened to be the day after Election Day.

Federal authors say they are still investigating. A big question remains: Will any current city officials be arrested for allegedly receiving leaked e-mails?

In court, Ricciardi was told by a judge not to have any contact with Hoboken city employees for now.

The prosecutors and officials did not make any public statements or take questions.

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November 09, 2011
"A big question remains: Will any current city officials be arrested for allegedly receiving leaked e-mails?"

Many think so.

Why else would Beth Mason and Michael Russo sponsor this ( if not to try to legitimately get emails that had already been stolen?

And why, when the emails were requested from the FBI by Beth Mason, was she shot down?

It may be speculative, but the narrative seems to mesh with the facts brought forth with the complaint.

Thank you, FBI. Please don't leave until the job is done.

November 10, 2011
I totally agree, the FBI need to be more thorough in the investigation!! Patrick has done more than this in City Hall!! He helped Anthony Ricciardi out with some illegal activity in City Hall! I know because he told me on a weekend "oh I have to go help Anthony with the Parking Authority problem." I knew it was illegal & told him you have to be careful not to be involved in illegal things Patrick! He did not listen to me went ahead and helped Anthony with some computer related thing that involved deleting the files of the City Hall computers relating to Parking Authority. People the FBI needs to stay & investigate further what Patrick has done. He worked for the fireman department, police department, IT City Hall, the garage with the Israel people, and the Home Security. I hope they further investigate Patricks computer related crimes. If you want to know who I am, well I am his wife, Janett Ricciardi.
November 09, 2011
if there are any 2nd ward residents interested in volunteering their time next June/July regarding a recall petition of beth mason, please e-mail me at the following address: