‘Does anyone care?’
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To the Editor:
On the national level, we hear about the “fiscal cliff” and the need for the federal government to cut spending. As the population grows older with accompanying health woes, the politicians stress cuts in social security and Medicare. What is the sense?

On the state level, we hear – loudly – about the “Jersey comeback.” As the state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and property taxes spiral in an upward direction, the politicians vote against a raise in minimum wage and having the rich pay their fair share of taxes. What is the sense?

On the local level, we hear “the sound of silence” from the Board of Education about a missing teacher’s contract. As gymnasium floors are repaired, girls’ bathrooms renovated, and sensor lighting installed, etc., the BOE pleads “cuts in funding” by politicians for lack of funds. What is the sense?

Has anyone on the BOE endured three years of the same salary? Is the BOE lawyer charging the same legal fees for the past three years? Has the cost of living, tolls, fares, or rents stayed the same?

Or did I miss the point in reading a quote in the “District Highlights” from the Wal-Mart representative who stated, “We realized that you [the faculty] are for our children and treat them as your own. We believe that the knowledge and skills you teach them now shape them into the men and women they become”?


Guidance counselor

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March 15, 2013
Mr. Nuziale-

I have seen your repeated letters to the editor complaining about your lack of a contract. Considering that the taxpayers of Bayonne pay your salary, you need to be aware that we are being priced out of the City by the outrageous taxes we are having to pay. Are you aware that your information is posted and public information at www.app.com/datauniverse? I decided to investigate and discovered that you are collecting a salary of $106,097 for working a 10-month position as Guidance Counselor at Bayonne High School. A high school where the SAT statistics for 2009 were: Critical Reading-439, Math-462, and Writing-439. Pretty sad scores, yet you still want more money. Guess what, Mr. Nuziale? The overburdened taxpaying citizens of Bayonne don't feel bad or sorry for someone who is earning that much money with two months off every year, while we have to worry about coming up the taxes that rise every year, the water bill that has increased 60%, and financing the salaries of so many members of Mayor Smith and his administrators family and friends that are eating up millions of dollars of the Board of Education budget. Do you think the Bayonne citizens feel bad that the only way their children can get a teaching job in Bayonne after college is by "who you know" and not "who deserves it?" Yes, they do. Therefore, if you are unhappy with your salary, and your guaranteed job for life thanks to your union, that is your problem, not the problem of the taxpayers who pay your salary and can barely afford to live here. Oh, and another thing-according to the statistics for 2009, only 52% of the graduates were placed in a four-year college. Not great statistics on your part.

Colleen Rubino