Hoboken Councilman Mello pitches idea to name tree after Eli Manning
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Councilman David Mello (pictured) thinks Eli Manning deserves at least a tree planted in this area of the country. We're not so sure about Brett Fav....re.
Councilman David Mello (pictured) thinks Eli Manning deserves at least a tree planted in this area of the country. We're not so sure about Brett Fav....re.
HOBOKEN – It’s not a slow news day, but here’s…well, the type of news you’d expect to see on a slow news day.

Friday morning, Hoboken Councilman David Mello called a New York radio show, Boomer and Carlton, and suggested that a tree should be planted somewhere and named after Eli Manning, the Giants quarterback who lives in Hoboken.

The call came in response to a segment about the fact that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg once suggested planting a tree in honor of Brett Favre. We can’t remember why he would have planted a tree in honor of an ancient Cheesehead who was here for a few hours, but apparently, he did.

So Boomer and Carlton were asking what ever happened to the tree, and which sports figures should be immortalized somehow. So Mello called in.

He did have some relevant information to share. According to a report on CBS news, Mello said of Manning, “He’s been a great . Right after Hurricane Sandy he was wonderful — he got very involved, was generous with his time, walked around with the mayor. (The Mannings) have had a lot of involvement in our city and we’re very proud of that fact…I’d have to consult with our Shade Tree Commission on that. We have about 3,000 trees in Hoboken now, and I know the commission has a goal to up that to about 4,000 by the year 2020.”

In related news, in 2007, after the Giants won the Super Bowl, then-Mayor David Roberts proposed that a street near the uptown Tea Building (where Manning lives) be named Eli Manning way. As with the Brett Favre Plant, nothing germinated except the very idea itself.

In potentially unrelated related news, Jenn Sterger supposedly lived in Hoboken for a time, but probably won't get a tree named after her. Maybe she can have a little...shrub.

Now, back to the weather.

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June 08, 2013
Many of the facts in the story are incorrect. Ownership always asks everyone to go out and walk around the communities they lived in, most of the larger donations the players made were reimbursed by the club as well. Eli was asked to do this, Eli did not choose to do this and while it was a sad time, NFL players treat their season like a business. Eli would not have done this on his own time with a game 6 days away.

There were pictures of Eli in Staten Island helping with boxes being delivered, these pictures are manufactured, the box was empty. Eli's arm is worth 100 million, he isn't lifting anything he is not supposed to lift, again football is a business. That tree will be planted for all the wrong reasons. As a former public relations rep with the NFL until 5 years ago, I can assure you the information contained above is accurate. Simply google my name and look at my linkedIn.