Internet abuzz with speculation about what happened at Hoboken fitness center on Friday night
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HOBOKEN – Police were tight-lipped on Monday morning regarding a possible incident at the Sky Club Fitness Center on Friday night, saying that the investigation was ongoing and they were not yet authorized to speak to the press.

Sky Club is a fitness center complete with an Olympic-sized pool that is also attached to a luxury high rise on First and Harrison Streets.

Reports from local residents said that police activity began around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday and continued through the night.

According to a promotional poster, a party thrown by local promoters Tony Royalfam and Jay ATM called “Drinkin’ and Divin’” was set to take place at the club that night. The poster advertises the pool, a balcony overlooking the Manhattan skyline, and an evening-long open bar and free food. Tickets apparently cost $40.

Throughout the weekend, Hoboken residents speculated online about what occurred at the party.

But Royalfam, reached by phone on Monday, said that he was unaware of any major incidents, calling the incident “a little commotion that was handled really quickly.”

Royalfam also said that nobody was arrested.

A post on the business's Facebook page said, "We are awaiting the arrival of the fire and building departments for the re-inspection of the club. We will update our re-opening status as soon as the inspection is completed."

A phone call to the fitness club went straight to voicemail on Monday.

Keep an eye on for updates when they become available. – Dean DeChiaro

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July 30, 2013
Correction to the comment below, the victim was DOA upon arrival at the scene and was resuscitated at the scene, once on route to the hospital the victim's pulse bottomed out and was resuscitated again. At the hospital, the victim was placed in a medically induced coma.

July 30, 2013
The victim will surely present a lawsuit upon the promoters and the Sky Club. It's unfortunate. Sky Club Fitness Center has a habit of hosting illegal parties or legal parties without proper supervision. Unfortunately in a down economy people will do almost anything for a fast buck and sometimes things like this happen. My heart goes out to the man in the hospital, this party should NEVER have happened.
July 30, 2013
Here are the facts. Sky Club has been deleting comments left and right and the residents of the Sky Club and surrounding buildings should know what really happened.

1. A party was held that had 3 DJ's, all 3 DJ's play hip hop and R and B styles of music. The event was put together by private organizers Tony Royalfam and Jay ATM, the event was entitled “Drinkin’ and Divin’”

2. The party was held illegally. There was no license for the party issued by the State ABC which was required. If you charge money for an event in NJ and offer to sell alcohol or give it away for an admission you need a permit from the ABC (alcohol and beverage commission).

3. The open bar was not properly supervised, people were intoxicated beyond belief and a fight broke out. No one had a seizure, an event goer was nearly beaten to death by a group of event goers because the victim was dancing with a woman whose boyfriend at the event. The man was brought to the hospital dead and was revived back to life. 10 minutes later the victim flat lined and was once again brought back to life. The victim is currently in the hospital with leaking fluids from his brain and in a coma. Police are searching for the assailants who got away, attempted murder charges will be brought against the assailants once apprehended.

4. Police from multiple jurisdictions were called to the scene. Due to the lack of Hoboken police officers on duty that night, police from Jersey City, Hudson County Sheriffs Office, NJ Transit Police and Weehawken Police were called to the scene to assist with crowd control and speak with witnesses and take reports.

It may also be useful to ask David Mello, a local city councilman who lives in the Sky Club why the Hoboken Police Department is understaffed every night and why is it whenever there is a huge problem like this do our officers need to call for assistance and backup from neighboring jurisdictions? Had police officers from Hoboken solely entered the venue without back up, more damage and chaos could have occurred, police officers could have been hurt due to the lack of officers on our streets nightly. On any given Friday night Hoboken has approximately 6 officers on patrol, yes only 6. David Mello can answer the question easily, he lives in the Sky Club.