‘Is anyone hearing this?’
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To the Editor:

What irony. There was one letter two weeks ago to the Bayonne Community News giving kudos for fighting to bring Bayonne back. Back to where? Lowering our taxes, maybe? I’d laugh if it wasn’t so tragic.

But then there was another letter giving us the facts on just what rotten shape Bayonne is in. We’re circling the drain, people, ready to go under. And who is to blame? It’s us, dumbo – brain dead voters who elected Mark Smith and his gang. Does anyone get angry when you read how this gang of thieves have mismanaged our money and got away with it? Were we all asleep? Kudos to Mark Smith? I don’t think so.

If we balanced our budgets at home like this gang of thieves balanced our city budget, we would all be out on the street. But let the perks and privileges keep coming. Smith and friends love it. We citizens are comatose and they know it. They’re picking our bones and we smile.

This letter from Leonard Kantor is a warning. The stooges in City Hall never tell the truth. Politicians are dogs and we’re the hydrants. In five years, our taxes increased 28 percent and are still going up. And now we’re getting an increase in our water bill. Let’s start saving rain water, folks, at least for flushing our toilets. But you can be sure that somebody in City Hall will find a way to tax the barrels they find around our houses.

Mr. Kantor is right. We need a recall election, or a revolution, or something! The water won’t clear until we get all the hogs out of the creek. That means all of them, from top to bottom. Is anyone hearing this?


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