Sires, backed by local mayors, to meet with FAA in effort to ban tourist helicopters in Hudson County skies
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HOBOKEN AND BEYOND – Congressman Albio Sires (D–8th Dist.) said on Monday that he is planning to meet with officials from the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington in an effort to have tourist helicopters from New York City banned on the Jersey side of the Hudson River. He said they pose a threat to the safety and quality of life of Hudson County residents.

Sires said that a helicopter crash in the Hudson River last Sunday was only the latest in a string of events that has raised concerns over the noise and safety issues associated with the helicopter tourism business. The issue has intensified recently, as helicopter density in the Hudson County skies has increased since tourist helicopters were banned on the East River last year.

Backed by officials from around Hudson County, including Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, North Bergen Mayor and State Sen. Nicholas Sacco (D–32nd Dist.), Mayor Gerald Drasheff of Guttenberg, Mayor Felix Roque of West New York, and Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, Sires said that the noise New Jersey residents must endure due to the tourist helicopter trade is unfair.

“We already deal with the Coast Guard and we already deal with Medivac helicopters, and we understand that,” he said. “Why should our residents bear the brunt of these helicopters just because people want to see the New York City skyline?”

Brian Wagner, a Hoboken resident who has been the public voice of discontent over the helicopters, added that he thought the best views of the skyline were from the ground.

“People should come over here and see our parks and rent a bike and ride the waterfront,” he said. “We’ve got great views, but they’re also views we want to enjoy on Saturdays with our families.”

Look for an expanded report on Congressmen Sires’ efforts in this weekend’s editions of The Hudson Reporter. – Dean DeChiaro

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July 09, 2013
Seems like the local politicians are doing what they're being paid to do i.e. spouting nonsensical hyperbole for their rich friends that own houses along the Hudson river.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Congressman Albio Sires, Mayor Richard Turner, the issue is tens of thousands of tourists (the commoners) who want to experience the beautiful views of NYC versus a few rich home owners along the Hudson river that want their "serenity" all to themselves.

I guess the real issue is that the tens of thousands of regular joe's (tourists going up on the helicopter tours) don't pay the local politicians off while the rich homeowners do. (sorry, contribute to the politician's election campaigns)

Great to see the American political system at work. Using the excuse of a perfect safe landing where no-one even got wet to cry wolf that flying helicopters is so "very very -in our opinion - dangerous".

This is as crazy as it gets. Perhaps the next time there is a simple car accident where everyone walks away, we should just ban all cars.

Then everyone can enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from riding in a palanquin! What? Not everyone can afford a palanquin???? Well, that's their problem.

At least Palanquin's are safe and quiet for all the people that have houses along the Hudson river and have the spare cash to give to local politicians.

July 08, 2013
nice going Brian Wagner, one person can make a difference! nice to see mayor zimmer listened to your comments and of course beth mason needed to show up for the photo's. I laughed when you posted you got no response from Beth, same thing happened to many other 2nd ward residents whenever they contact her...just silence. She is too busy trying to get herself elected to another office to worry about helping her 2nd ward residents.