Support education – bring back the standard
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To the Editor:
In any prospering society, education is key and needs to be protected. It has bothered me deeply that Bayonne has decided to drop the passing grade down to 65. Lowering the standards does not help anyone, especially the students, but rather makes it harder for everyone in the school district. We need to take care of our students, not punish them. We should be standing next to them and demanding that the city and the school board raise the standard back to 70.

We cannot just stand by and allow our school system to take such a critical hit. When the school standards are lowered, it almost seems as if the school district is giving up on our students. By allowing them to pass with a 65, we are not giving them much of a choice after they graduate to continue higher education. I understand that it is up to the student to put the effort in if they want to continue education after graduation, but not everyone takes high school as seriously as others who have realized the importance of grades.

Some students realize that education is important when it is too late for them, but if they meet a 70 average when they graduate, they are able to continue higher education because they have met the standard that most universities have. If we allow a 65, universities would not give them the same opportunities as someone with a passing grade of 70.

Once a student gets into higher education, they usually realize that they cannot be the way they were in high school, so they put the effort in to better themselves. When I was in high school, I knew someone who just wanted to get the minimum, pass, and go to college. If we continue the way we are now, this will not remain an option for students who realize a minimum of 65 won’t be sufficient. We cannot turn our backs on our students.

We are paying heavy property taxes to support our schools and we need to make sure that it is getting down. There is no reason why we should be demoting our school district. As a Bayonne resident, I can see the close community we have. Let’s take a step forward, not backward, and help our students become someone important one day. Let’s give them the proper tools and support they need in order to better themselves. This is Bayonne, where most people consider one another family. Stand with our students and let’s make Bayonne a better place for all of us.


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