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HUDSON COUNTY – There’s plenty to read in this week’s editions of the Hudson Reporter this weekend. You can pick up your print edition around town, or come back to this website starting Sunday and scroll down your town’s page to read the stories.

This week we’re publishing the annual “Progress Report” issue of the Hudson Reporter newspapers. Along with news and briefs about your town, we have included articles pertaining to the current status of development, education, transportation, health care, and Hurricane Sandy recovery in Hudson County.

Even in a slow economy, new residential and commercial developments are sprouting, cities are approving new parks and bike routes, and businesses and hospitals are improving their facilities to attract new clients.

The county, with its access to New York City, arts and entertainment options, and diverse neighbors (641,000 of them, in fact), continues to draw new residents. With new people comes a need for new facilities and improvements. Read all about these plans in this weekend’s edition, and send feedback to or comment on-line at

Along with our progress reports, you’ll find these local stories:

The Hoboken City Council introduced its 2013 municipal budget of $104 million and scheduled a public hearing for April 10.

Below the official surface of Jersey City’s mayoral election social media posters are having an influence.

North Bergen and Union City celebrated ‘Read Across America’ and the birthday of children’s author Dr. Seuss.

In West New York approval of the controversial Meridia hi-rise was delayed while a court decides whether two Zoning Board members voted in conflict of interest.

Secaucus has removed the bar in the North End firehouse and is enforcing a ban on consumption of alcohol at all its firehouses.

The Weehawken Elks Club held their annual drug awareness contest awards ceremony, honoring six youngsters for anti-drug artwork and essays.

All this, plus Jim Hague’s sports reporting and Al Sullivan’s ‘Between The Lines.’

So pick up a copy of your town’s edition of the Hudson Reporter newspapers this weekend, or revisit this website on Sunday, and read more about what’s happening in your town than you’ll find anywhere else.

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March 08, 2013
here is a possible story. you have a guy name of Scott Siegal in town. He posts a column on patch. His ego is tied to being friends with City Hall people and tearing down anyone against City Hall. He gets a charge when his friends laugh and pat him on the back.

he moved an hour out of Hoboken. Never admits this when he writes letters to editor or posts his column on patch.

Column is often full of mistakes that he does not do teh work of checking like patch itself has to. last year some questioned how much money was spent for City Hall to send people to super bowl HQ. He wrote a column saying "they didn't even stay overnight." Probably the trip was fine so why the need to make up a clear lie to protect the mayor? It was allowed to stay up there and when someone pointed out that it was not true, that person was verbally beaten up by a round of mayoral bullies. 'so he made one mistake,' they said.

really it was a mistake? no such thing if you read roman and nancy's blogs.

but here is where you're story lies, and pay attention. siegel went out of his way to disband the one watch dog group in town, Hoboken revolt. Look at It was a taxpayer group to look out for the taxpayer. even if you like the mayor she is not perfect.

Well, she is if you read the horse and Nancy, who beat up anyone who points out even a possible problem.

In 2013 Hoboken you are not allowed to criticize the mayor. Take note! Scott Siegle at the behest of his friends went out of his way to take down the Hoboken Revolts website. Why not seek someone to keep the group going?

I remember a similar feeling under Anthony Russo, that you had to be really careful if you wanted to criticize, or face wrath. Now it is conducted by nancy and roman and they laugh and point to their reformer friends if you have a legitimate beef. (They will likely respond below claiming I am this or that person. Yet they will not be able to say anything I've said is untrue.)

It makes me sad because it is ALL true!

Hoboken deserves better.
March 08, 2013
Dancing Rudy. I have exposed you for your dishonesty so you disappear for a few weeks and come back. You run a web site that repeats everything Town Hall tells you and serves to make up lies in order to prop up your mayor. You make money from paid subscribers including mayoral spouse (HobokenLeaks I beleive) and from advertising. In other words you make money by repeating what the mayor says and wants yo to write.

Consequently you go on patch and the and this web site to discredit real news organizations.

On patch you even constantly say under various screen names, "Oh, I better go look at the real story on Horse web site now." Of course, that is your own site.

We get it, beth mason is a scourge. But by being ethically bankrupt and presenting yourself as an honest voice you keep Hoboken in the dark ages too. You m ay be better then her but you are pretty bad.

Not as bad as Stan Grossbard, the mayors husband, who posts on different websites attacking news organizations who print the truth about city hall or fail to print slander against her enemies.

Someone on the Horse site called the councilwoman opposing the mayor a "WH---." How does Dawn feel about the constant sexism? If Dawn were called a who--- on a site, I would hope eveyrone would be angry. And no it wasnt in this case used as a metaphore.

Roman here are some questions that I asked on your site once before and got censored:

1, You posted falsely that the owner of 411 was moving to Vt. Completely made up and you posted it. Ever run a retraction? As usual you didn't reach out to the person you were writing about like say Patch would do. You just PRINTED LIES ABOUT SOMEONE.

2. Same deal about the person who is suing you, who's name I won't say as it is part of a suit. You printed a story about him moving out to town as if that's really news, but he is a close supporter of Beth so it was ok to LIE about him. You actually madde that "paid content" so someone paid for your LIE. Now here is the question...

3. When parking guru Ian Sachs was planning to move out of the ENTIRE COUNTRY, and this would have a public policy affect, not a word was on your sight. If you print rumors you have barely heard or just plain made up, did you really not hear that this was coming? if you heard, did you hold it because he is part of Zimmers administration? Why the double standard?

That is just one of the many lies you publish.

Also, where are the FBI arrests you used to promise every month? Dont you think that by misleading people you are hurting your town? Print facts about Beth, Timmay etc. all you want but stick to facts not things you make up to earn money, and stop posting on other web sites as

Dancing Rudy and 6 other screen names saying "oh the full story is on horse square view."

4, Did you include ALL your earnings from th esite on your federal taxes this year? including anything you may have been paid by political people? obviously they like what you write. Can we ssee your tax forms as proof since you seem to do a lot of writing on behalf of town hall but nothing really opposed?

5, If it turned out the mayors husband Stan Grossbard WAS posting nasty posts against news organizations who write fair articles that dont always show town hall in a perfect light would you be against that? Should Dawn?

These are reasonable questions. Also I have asked questions NOT posted slander so I assume they wil not be censored. I am posting as a concerned citizen. I am sure you will come back with the usual sarcasm or 5 posts from nancy pinkus under her various names, trying to claim you think i am a political operative for Beth. I dislike her too. That doesn't make you anything less then a pawn yourself my friend. And a lying one who is dragging the city down more then ahead. there is hope for you yet but why the lying and allowing people to post things like whore? you are not reform.