'Ye Olde Payphones'
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Dear Editor:

Communication is important across the lines of family and friends; how we generate a feeling of togetherness with a smile and eye contact within each day, lifts our spirits, causing a special calm inside of us to confirm our bond and reach toward one another. In the hustle and bustle of our days, texting and calling with the use of modern technology helps our bond, to comfort us in resolves of being on the same page and to be available to our loved ones.

Even transcending smiles and laughs within the air waves becomes an everyday quest of keeping contact flowing with ease in the use of our cellular phones. The family news during the day and evening is like a needed hug, and at times, an acknowledgement of needed help that keeps us in the action of being family and friends. Holding a prayer in your hands and knowing God sees it and hears it, holds a gratifying comfort within our faith, where even our emails have become tangible. Within the helpful hands of assistance, even to the poor, communication has become available, affording opened lines to secure work, confirm appointments and assure time and place if need be, yet, there still remains the emergency use of ‘Ye Olde Payphone’. Their use has become so rare that availability has dwindled to so few, and those that are still lining street corners rarely work, yet we do still have need of them to assure that our communication with our loved ones doesn’t break.

Availing high-traffic areas with them can keep a restful peace within our communities, allowing our ties to remain well-knotted amongst our families and friends; though the privacy of phone booths is gone, there is still such a need of coin-operated telephones because it is a connecting line of communication that should be available if our phone battery dies or cell phones are lost or stolen. A couple of coins well-kept can ease a worried parent or friend, or even mean a job for someone. Payphones are a part of our ‘everything’ and technology can’t take that away, so we do believe, we’ll always have need of them; they cannot fall into the sect of being obsolete because, where we have people, we have need of communication of all kinds. Parks, schools, transit stations, main popular avenue corners and even super-markets are places we need to be assured of lines of communication, and I’m sure after much thought, more will agree.

Kim MacDonald

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