A tale of two cities: Hoboken mayor pulls mini-DeBlasio
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Dear Editor:

I find it telling that a mayor, who didn't win an initial election in Hoboken but slid into the position, finds it appropriate to tout low crime as an achieving accomplishment during her time in office. Low crime rates are a result of Hoboken's primary demographic and the insanely, absurdly massive police budget. During her time in office, what we've gotten in Hoboken are massive spikes in property tax, even as the town has seen a huge increase in the number of new constructions. What we gotten are more traffic lights which have congested the south-western portion of town - and traffic lights that don't work like the one at the intersection of 1st & Marshall Street. What we've got under Mayor Zimmer is green on-street parking spots for green cars, a bike rental program modeled after Citi bike, solar powered trash cans, huge spikes in parking ticket issuance and on-street parking for sale to anyone with a checkbook (take Sabia Construction for example who has purchased weekly on street parking on Harrison between 2nd and 1st Streets for the past 7 months consuming half a block. Now there's talk of a dual language charter school called Hola which will soak tax payers even more?!?!

It's apparent the Mayor has zero practical, real world budgetary and management experience but has a passion for green pet projects and utilizing parking ticket revenue to subsidize her short-comings as a mayor. Quality of life declines for Hoboken tax payers has accelerated under Zimmer. How about touting that to the 4,000 people who voted for you...or did none of that demographic pay property taxes?

James Parascandola

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April 13, 2014
Zimmer is a quack Mayor. She pads the budget with illegal tows and turns our public land into playgrounds. Her administration is all smoke and mirrors and the worst is she has totally abdicated Essential Services in favor of phony technology and incompetent administrators. Since she only works w puppets we have to fork over for the lawsuits that she looses for discrimination. What a total muck she has made. She has to go soon.
April 07, 2014
You must be getting your information from Beth Mason or someone who thinks like her. Assuming you can read I suggest you utilize the following link and look at the numbers.

City of Hoboken


Final adopted 2010 budget:


On Sheet 11 you will find "Amount to be raised by Taxes in support of the municipal budget".

In 2009 the amount was $60.442mmm

In 2010 when Dawn became mayor the tax levy was reduced to $60.024mm

The last passed budget was in 2013.


The tax levy for 2013 on Sheet 11 is:


Additionally Hoboken is only 1 of 3 566 NJ towns that has cut the levy for 4 straight cycles.Hoboken ranks #2 in NJ for the largest tax cut.

Please educate yourself prior to writing such an absurd and incorrect letter.

The tax levy for that year
April 07, 2014
It should read 1 o3 3 of NJ's 566 towns. The last line should also be deleted.
April 06, 2014
Wow I guess now that Beth Mason basically owns this newspaper, any anti-Zimmer gibberish is fit to print.

1) Zimmer was re-elected last fall.

2) A little more than 4000 people voted for her.

3) Zimmer's demographic has *always* been heavily weighted toward taxpayers.

While you were sleeping or at the pub you may not have noticed Carmelo Garcia continually playing the race and class card against the administration - even charging "ethnic cleansing" in a lawsuit? Suffice it to say, the non-taxed and under-taxed (councilmen who got a tax-payer subsidized 3 room apartment in Church Towers in their 20s while owning a shore house) do not vote for Zimmer. HHA votes are readily purchased by the old guard for any occasion - even voting against rent control. Guess you missed that one too.

4) HR - nice touch with the editorial letter title - what does that even mean?