Ask the Ump!
by Mike Lynch
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: In high school, baseball and softball, batter moves up in the box with front foot in air, and contacts the pitch for a single. Batter’s front foot lands completely outside the box after contact. Is batter declared out for being out of box?

ANSWER: No, this is legal contact. He/ she would be called out if foot was entirely out of box prior to contacting pitch and ball was contacted fair or foul.(BB- Rule 7, Sec. 3, Art. 2) (SB- Rule 7, Sec. 4, Art. 8).

QUESTION: Batter squares to bunt; batter’s front foot contacts home plate during bunt attempt but misses the pitch. Is batter declared out for stepping on plate?

ANSWER: No, an out is only called if batter contacts pitch with bat while touching the plate. In above play, a strike is called on batter. ( BB& SB- Rule 7-2-1 and same rules as noted above).

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