Ask the Ump!
by Mike Lynch
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: In high school, baseball and softball, during warm-ups in the half-inning, the substitute players on the defense are running down the left field line in foul territory. Is this permitted?

ANSWER: Yes, during the one minute interval for the pitcher taking warm-ups between innings, bench personnel are allowed to participate in running/throwing actions during this dead ball period. (BB- Rule 3, Sec. 3, Art. 1; SB- Rule 3-4-6).

QUESTION: At the start of the game, plate umpire notices home coach sitting on a bucket turned upside down to gain a good view of action. Is this permitted?

ANSWER: No, bench personnel, including players and coaches, belong inside the dugout area for safety reasons. (BB- Rule 3, Sec. 3, Art. 1, i) Umpire will issue an initial verbal warning to offender. (SB- Rule 3-6-6) Umpire will issue a team warning to head coach. Subsequent warnings may lead to restrictions/ejections.

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