Ask the Ump!
by Mike Lynch
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: In high school, baseball and softball, batter-runner hits and overruns first base down the line. Is runner required to turn right in foul territory? If runner turns left into fair territory and returns to first, is he/ she liable to be tagged out?

ANSWER: Batter-runner can turn either left or right in returning to first base, fair or foul territory, without liability of being tagged out. If he/she makes a feint/action/step towards second upon return, defense can tag runner out. (BB- Rule 2, Sec. 25, Art. 1; Rule 8, Sec. 2, Art. 7) (SB- Rule 2-40; Rule 8-4-2, b) The above play does not pertain to the SB Look Back Rule unless the pitcher has the ball in the circle.

QUESTION: In advancing from first towards second on a hit, the base runner dislodges second from its original position and advances to third. The batter-runner follows and attempts to go to second base. Is he/she required to go to displaced base or go to the general area?

ANSWER: (BB- Rule 8, Sec. 4, Art. 2, h) If base becomes loose during action, runner cannot be tagged out because base slid away from runner. (SB- Rule 8-3-5) (When base becomes displaced, runners are not required to follow out of position base; hence, go to area). Ball remains live during same series of plays.

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