Assemblywoman Jimenez introduces tough gun control bill
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WEST NEW YORK AND BEYOND -- West New York Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez introduced a bill in the state legislature Wednesday that would require New Jersey residents seeking gun permits to submit to psychological evaluations before being allowed to purchase a weapon. Furthermore, the bill would require that potential gun owners allow authorities to evaluate the safety practices of their home before being allowed to keep a weapon there.

“This is an attempt to protect the public from individuals who could pose a safety threat if allowed to purchase firearms,” said Jimenez. “This bill adds a layer of protection to the process to help keep guns away from people who have no business carrying them.”

The bill was introduced amongst a wave of pro-gun control bills submitted by lawmakers from all over the state. Eighteen bills were introduced in the Senate and Assembly yesterday, most of which aim to tighten the state’s already strict gun laws.

Under current state law, an applicant for a gun permit must consent to a mental health background check, but Jimenez said that her new legislation would take it one step further by requiring an examination at the time the application is submitted. She said the bill was inspired by the Newtown school shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 children.

She said, “Let’s make sure we are not arming individuals who have serious mental health issues and can end up hurting themselves, as well as innocent others.” –Dean DeChiaro

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January 10, 2013
wonder why Reubon Ramos didnt submit something similar? we have had a gun problem in parts of hoboken for some time now...