Batter interference
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Question: In high school baseball and softball, runner on third base; one out; on a passed ball by the catcher, runner attempts to score from third. Batter interferes with play at the plate and umpire calls interference. Is the batter or runner called out?

Answer: (BB only), if runner was put out on play, out stands and ball remains live. If runner was safe on play, dead ball, and runner would be called out with less than two outs; batter remains at bat with current count. If there were two outs, batter would be called for third out on interference. (BB – Rule 5, Sec. 1, Art. 2(a); Rule 7-3-5 & Rule 8-4-2(I-1) (SB only), dead ball immediately; batter is out and runner returns to base at time of interference. (Rule 5-1-2(q) & Rule 7-4-4)

Question: Runner on second base, righthanded batter takes a pitch for strike two and makes no attempt to get out of the way of the catcher, who is making a throw to third on the stealing runner. Interference?

Answer: Batter is not required to get out of the way; he/she is permitted position in box. (BB – Rule 7-3-5(e) Casebk.; SB – Rule 7-4-4(a) Casebk.)

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