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Dear Editor:

My statement regarding the 8 percent tax increase on Jersey City families:

Yesterday, the council had to vote on a budget which included nearly an 8 percent tax increase on Jersey City families. Big government and tax increases is not what Jersey City needs. How can we be the best mid size city in the nation when we are hurting poor and middle class families? The current administration keeps blaming the old administration for the tax increase but I don't buy it not one bit. They claim there is no money yet look at how they are spending our tax dollars:

Wages and salaries in the mayor’s office will be upped from $929,650 to $1,029,650 – an increase of $100,000. Wages in the revamped Mayor’s Action Bureau will increase by $180,137, from $366,863 to $547,000.

Salaries in the city’s law department will also be increased under the amended budget, from $2,998,221 to $3,173,221 – an increase of $175,000. There will also be salary and wage increases in the city’s Department of Public Works and in the Department of Housing, Economic Development, and Commerce.

This is really absurd. What about the single moms, college students, and senior citizens in our city who are on fixed incomes. Who are looking out for them? I would like to thank Ward C Councilman Richard Boggiano and Ward D Councilman Michael Yun who put residents first and politics behind by voting "no" on the budget which increases taxes on poor and middle class families nearly 8 percent. In order for Jersey City to be the best mid size city in the nation, we must put our residents first and politics behind.

Demetrius Terry
A young strong voice for Jersey City

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