Concerning cancelling the pro-rent control election result
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Dear Editor:

Basically, a judge ruled to invalidate an election result without allowing any questioning of the reasons or evidence given to make an election result – not exist.

No matter how convincing one side’s case can be, a democracy demands that the other side be heard and considered.

The judge rejected hearing an individual’s extremely well-prepared challenge of the evidence.

The judge would have heard an appeal from the city, county, or state, but none of the above has stepped up to the plate yet.

So far, over half of the alleged “disenfranchised” Hoboken voters, used as reasoning for throwing out this election result, have been found to not be Hoboken registered voters at all.

The real disenfranchised voters will be all of us having to vote again in a disenfranchising election of one-sided limitless-budgeted misinformation and 100’s of allowed bought absentee-votes disguised as campaign workers.

City of Hoboken, please appeal to uphold the Nov. 6 election result, or at least to hear the challenges to the evidence given to throw out the election result.

Also, City of Hoboken, please use your relationship with the Governor, to address changing New Jersey’s absentee-voting policy to Connecticut’s form, which only allows the ill, homebound, or out of town to absentee-vote.

J. Horwitz

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