Disband and merge
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Dear Editor:

I think the New Jersey Transit police should be disbanded and should merge with the New Jersey State police. I think the New Jersey Transit police perform poorly at guarding New Jersey Transit property and public transportation vehicles. The New Jersey Transit police perform nearly identical services as the state police. Even the uniforms of the state police and New Jersey Transit police are similar.

I ride the Hudson Bergen light rail and it is not patrolled and is filled with fare evaders and kids sitting on top of seats with there dirty shoes on the seats. Why do we have a New Jersey Transit police force? If we merge New Jersey Transit police with the state police, New Jersey Transit will save millions of dollars and the state police can take over the duties of the New Jersey Transit police without a problem because they are already trained for the duty. Why do New Jersey Transit customers have to pay for the New Jersey Transit police and state police? Motorists only have to pay for the state police to patrol the turnpike and parkway and the New Jersey Transit customers have to pay for both police forces. Also, I have witnessed New Jersey Transit police assisting Hoboken and Jersey City police with issues that have nothing to do with protecting transit assets. Another words, towns like Hoboken and Jersey City are getting free police services from New Jersey Transit police. It is an outrage and is very costly to New Jersey Transit customers. This is not fair and is one of the many reasons NJ Transit fares are very expensive. We cannot afford the duplication of services and the State police needs to take over and actually protect the New Jersey Transit riders. Disband the New Jersey Transit police as soon as possible.


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October 20, 2013
Although I respect your opinion, it's clear you have no clue what exactly the NJTPD does and what their responsibilities are. By the sound of it, you were probably issued a summons by them and now you want to make a comment about the department.

Best of luck to you.