Double talk
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Dear Editor:

I begin this letter paraphrasing a quote from Albert Einstein. “When the powers that be have the schools and press under its’ thumb their able to sway the emotions of the masses”

Now, that being said. It is bad enough that Mayor Gonnelli now controls the Board of Education, he now would like to dictate to the papers the head lines the two papers covering town council meetings ought to employ in their coverage of the meetings.

Permit me to explain.

At the last council meeting, Mayor Gonnelli reprimanded the reporters for the headlines their papers used in their article covering the Aug. 28th meeting. He claimed the headlines distorted the importance of what transpired at that meeting. This is typical Gonnelli double talk. He claims that all he wants is for the reporters to report the news “objectively and impartially.” What he really means is that he wants the reporters to report the news objectively, impartially and in sequence suitable to his own point of view. That’s absolute double talk.

While on the subject of double talking. The explanation given explaining cost of the council members medical benefits to the taxpayers was/is a classic example of double talk. Anyone with half a brain could shoot holes in the defense given that night. That eliminates Tom Roarty, who brought this subject up and for the record was a no-show at the meeting.

Tom Troyer

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