Election period
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Dear Editor:

This November election is crucial for Ward F Residents! The reason why is because Ward F has been in a state of emergency for years and the last time its residents (particularly Blacks) had a sense of hope is when the late Mayor Glenn Cunningham was alive and in office. However, since his untimely death Ward F has been struggling to get that since of hope back. Prior to and after Mayor Cunningham’s death there’s been much talk about the absence of Black leadership in Ward F and that’s because Blacks sat back and allowed Politicians and their Cronies to select our leaders both politically and socially.

I’ve watched this happen over and over again for years, so I took a stand to run for office myself twice in the past to give my fellow constitutes an option to select a candidate that has a heart for the people and not for Politicians and their Cronies. In 2013, I was asked by a Candidate of the HCDO (led by former Mayor Healy) will I run on their ticket and I said Absolutely not I refuse to associate myself with politicians, so they ran (now appointed) Councilman Jermaine Robinson. So, here we are in 2017 and I’m giving the Constitutes of Ward F another opportunity to put one of their own into the Ward F Council seat whose truly concern about the people to get us from out of the GUEST status in our own Ward.

Now, why I’m the BEST candidate for the Ward F City Council seat! I believe that many Blacks here in Ward F have become tired of politics but they don’t understand how vital it is not to become frustrated and forsake the political process for we must stand the course and stay involved. However, most of the people in Ward F allowed outsider (interlopers) to make backdoor deals with some Blacks, then that person goes around and make it seems as if they all love us and are sympathetic to the woes that are occurring in our communities while they all prosper. So, to those who may ask, then how should people select a formidable candidate to represent their best interest? Some answers to this question are as followed:

Discover where their livelihood comes from or if they even have a job, then make sure it’s a job that’s able to substance them and their family that politicians DOESN’T have any influence over and I’m also talking about someone with a Nonprofit that’s financed by the government.

Find out if they have any long time works in the community following them before they decided to run for public office.

Make sure that they are not a part of anyone’s past or present political circle.

Make sure that they have a good name amongst people of good character themselves who can vouch for them.


Pastor Tyrone Ballon

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Gary Williams
October 04, 2017
Tyrone Ballon is the BEST man for Ward F I support him 100%
Eugene Johnson
October 02, 2017
I support Throne Ball on for Ward F 100%......
Eugene Johnson
October 02, 2017
I support Tyrone Ballon for ward F 100%.....