End of the line: how New Jersey Transit bus lines fail Hudson County
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Dear Editor:

Hudson County’s unique geography makes for an easy commute into New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal via the Lincoln Tunnel. Numerous New Jersey Transit bus lines are routed directly through Hudson County’s local roadways daily. Hudson County’s Boulevard East is one of the main corridors in which many of these northern bus lines combine prior to entering (or waiting) at the entrance of the Lincoln tunnel. For many suburban commuters this is the last leg of their respective journeys.

Many of these New Jersey Transits northern bus lines which transverse Hudson County are already packed full of suburban commuter passengers leaving ‘Standing room only’ accommodations for many if not all of Hudson County residents. As New Jersey Transit northern bus lines extend further through Hudson County’s local streets they are routed by Port Authority officials into the local car/truck lanes at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Between the hours of 7:00 a.m. till 10:00 a.m. the Lincoln Tunnel experiences a complete traffic bottleneck leaving many of these New Jersey Transits northern bus lines fighting with single occupant cars for position as they edge closer to the tunnels entrance. While many of the New Jersey Transit western/southern suburban buses are routed off the Turnpike through express lanes and into their own tunnel portal.

As you can imagine standing at 7:00 a.m. in a stop and go tunnel traffic scenario for an hour or more in the morning can be a complete commuter’s nightmare. Recent cold weather highlights the extreme disregard for local Hudson County commuters by New Jersey Transit bus schedulers and drivers. Hudson County commuters are often left to wait and freeze on the side of the road as many suburbanites breeze pass on to their destination.

The return commute to New Jersey may even be worse, if possible! The Boulevard East bus line (Gate 212) at the New York City Port Authority extends far beyond any similar route within New Jersey Transits system. The waiting times on many nights extend for more than an hour or more. Regional Transportation Planners need to take into account the extended wait times for local commuters and the penalties we pay for being close. I know the state has enacted many ‘Smart growth polices to promote reinvestment in urban areas. New Jersey Transit Polices seem counter to this strategy??

I respectively call on local officials to champion Hudson County commuters who are often left on the side of the road as these New Jersey Transits northern bus lines pass weary Hudson County residents indiscriminately.

I call on local officials to champion rental home owners whose rental income is proportional to the ease of the local commute. Please call NJ Transits complaint line at the following number: NJ TRANSIT 24 Hour Access (Operator-assisted 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.) 1-973-275-5555 Hearing Impaired (TTY 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.) 1-800-772-2287 Please let NJ Transit know how their complete disregard for Hudson County residents is unacceptable!

John Hubbard

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