Facebook supports Ray Greaves
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To the Editor:

I just started using Facebook, and while I was on it, I was asked if I wanted to “like” “Ray Greaves is my Man of 3rd Ward Bayonne, N.J” and wanted to see what this was about so I clicked the page to get a look.

Here is what I found this page to be about. Someone took the time to post photos of different people receiving awards for many reasons, and I am sure they were very deserving. The page talks about registering to vote, getting through Hurricane Sandy and FEMA. The page continues to show pictures of a turkey shoot at the mini golf course around Thanksgiving and talks about Greaves’ next meeting. Then someplace on his Facebook page our councilman is telling us we should shop locally in Bayonne and we can save. Okay, I will bite the bullet and ask the question. Mr. Greaves, where would you take your son or daughter to shop for clothes or shoes? Maybe a coat? How about it? Please tell me where to shop in this town. The City of Bayonne doesn’t even have a shoe store any longer.

Why don’t you talk about the real things that are going on in Bayonne? Why don’t you tell the people of Bayonne what you and your colleagues have done to this town? Our municipal property taxes just went up for a third year in a row since you took office. How about the increase in our school taxes and our county taxes? Our water was sold from the Bayonne MUA to United Water with an extraordinary increase in our water bills. I don’t know how anyone of you can sleep at night! Now you are talking about dissolving the BLRA. I am confused. Mr. Bowman said the city would inherit the debt of the BLRA of $60 million. Why is the city going to take a loan of $75 million? Mr. Bowman also stated in June that the city would save over $2 million by dissolving the BLRA, getting rid of their salaries, etc. That is a lie because the BLRA and Bayonne have two separate budgets. Their salaries are not included in the city’s budget. Well, maybe by now they are, especially when you are giving people from the BLRA jobs in the city. That is very true because those people are seen sitting at desks, talking on phones ordering their lunches, and walking outside to have a smoke; they are telling everyone in sight that they were put in another department.

You know Mr. Greaves seems to be involved in all the areas where the City of Bayonne has problems. He is on the School Board of Estimate where they raised our taxes. He is on the BLRA which they are going to dissolve and increase its budget when they take those employees to the city’s payroll. He is on the city council, where they just raised our taxes again.

I think this council and administration are nothing but a bunch of crooks and should be ashamed of themselves.


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