He’s a gas, gas, gas
Comedy film shot in Bayonne features supervillain with toxic flatulence
by Rory Pasquariello
Staff writer
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A goofy short comedy features several Bayonne actors who play Gasman, Captain Bayonne, the mayor, the mayor’s secretary, and a prison guard.
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A Bayonne native, an improv comedy team, and “Captain Bayonne” have teamed up to film a short comedy in Bayonne about a goofy supervillain with an absurd superpower of toxic flatulence, called “Revenge of Gasman.”

The 35-minute film is a sequel to an earlier film, shot in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, called “Killer Hero,” in which “Gasman” was born. Marty Coretti, a Pennsylvania-based comedian who grew up in Bayonne, stars as Gasman in the film.

“Captain Bayonne” is a well-known former resident of Bayonne who gave himself the moniker after almost getting hit by a driver in 2010 while training to run the NYC Marathon. He started wearing a wrestler’s mask so that drivers would see him running. Now, he is an advocate for fit lifestyles and helps people in need where he can.

The plot

In the prequel to “Revenge of Gasman,” Gasman ate toxic hot sauce that gave him fatally pungent flatulence, which he could use to kill his enemies. He landed in jail, but a culinary school dropout who worked in the prison’s kitchen helped him smuggle in more hot sauce so he could break out. He took her on as his sidekick, “Toxic Torte,” played by Pennsylvania-based actor, Christie Bower.

In the current film, Gasman travels to his hometown of Bayonne to take revenge on his enemies. He farts on people all over the city in front of landmarks such as city hall, Judicki’s Bakery, Dance with Me Studios in Bergen Point, and at Hudson County Park, where Captain Bayonne comes across Gasman harassing teenagers and calls the police.

The idea for the film started with Marty Correnti and a group of improv comedians he met in the Poconos.


“I’ve been doing standup comedy all my life. When I moved to the Poconos 15 years ago, I wound up meeting the right people and getting into a comedy group.” – Marty Correnti


He moved there in 2005 after living in Bayonne all his life. He entered a Pennsylvania Film Festival contest in which groups were given a mystery box of props to create a short film.

“I’ve been doing standup comedy all my life,” said Correnti. “When I moved to the Poconos 15 years ago, I wound up meeting the right people and getting into a comedy group. We do murder mysteries, improv comedy, and fun things like that. We’re looking to make some money back and eventually get known so we can do more projects like this.”

Correnti heard about Captain Bayonne through social media and reached out to him when they were writing the sequel.

“He sent me a copy and I took a look at it and I watched it and I happened to let him know that I liked it and if he had a place for me I would be interested. That’s how it started,” said Captain Bayonne, who prefers to be identified as such.

“This persona has allowed me to do so much else. I never really imagined it would happen,” said Captain Bayonne. “I like to put my imprint onto projects like this. I’m definitely good as far as adlibbing goes. I just like getting creative and making new stuff.”

Captain Bayonne, and various actors, mostly from Bayonne and Pennsylvania, will announce a meet-and-greet in Bayonne at the end of August via Facebook. Marty Correnti (https://tinyurl.com/ybqx9jtd) and Captain Bayonne (https://tinyurl.com/ychryjgf) can be reached on Facebook.

The film will be available on DVD and streaming services.

Rory Pasquariello can be reached at roryp@hudsonreporter.com.

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