Hoboken mayor has a different view of charter school debate; superintendent to meet with HoLa representatives
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HOBOKEN – Mayor Dawn Zimmer, whose allies have typically supported the actions of Hoboken Superintendent of Schools Mark Toback, seemed to express a different view last week after Toback wrote a letter to protest the expansion of one of Hoboken's charter schools.

The Board of Education was scheduled to vote on Tuesday to send Toback's letter to Trenton, but he pulled the letter from the agenda when parents of children at the HoLa Charter School complained.

HoLa is seeking to expand to seventh and eighth grade, and Toback wrote a letter saying he is concerned that the charter schools in the district are taking too much money away from the other schools. He also said he believes the schools are causing racial "segregation," according to the resolution that was to be voted on by the board Tuesday night.

Toback's letter was meant to criticize the charter school's expansion, but it also expressed concerns with the charter schools in general.

Mayor Zimmer, who has two children in a different charter school in town, said in a statement Thursday, “I firmly believe that a strong relationship between the charter schools and Hoboken High School and other grade levels could strengthen our entire public school system. I do not believe that the charter schools and the district need to be in competition. Instead they should be working together to create synergies that benefit everyone.”

Zimmer said that she was reviewing the school’s application to the Department of Education and had requested supplementary information from Toback.

“I understand his letter may be revised,” she said, “and I look forward both to receiving more information and the revised letter.”

Meanwhile, Toback is set to meet with HoLa representatives in the hopes of coming to a compromise over the future of charter school in Hoboken. The chair of the school’s board of trustees welcomed the discussion, but said that parents at the school were still concerned.

“We’re looking forward to a discussion,” she said. “But we expect that the superintendent is going to send the letter opposing our expansion and our parents will advocate for our school accordingly.”

For a longer story on the struggle between HoLa and the Board of Education, pick up a copy of this weekend’s Hoboken Reporter or check www.hudsonreporter.com on Sunday morning. – Dean DeChiaro

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November 16, 2013
And the backtracking begins already.

You neglected to comment on the two posts before the ones you posted. Or my main point which was how the Horse/Sheep kept jumping in to the conversation to discredit or contradict any geniune post against toback's letter or in favor of HoLa. Can't let any other opinions in here can we?

What a nice long defense from a, ha ha, "friend" of the Sheep.

November 16, 2013
So for any one keeping score HHJ is still unable to quote a single example of what she is talking about.

Like all true hacks, when asked to back up a word of her claims she falls to guessing identities. She does not get the basic idea that it does not matter so much who speaks as whether they have something to say. She only has reckless, unsupported accusations. Whatever. This is why they lost. I guess it still hurts.
November 15, 2013
Oh nooooo! This is a real problem for da bloggers..! A fuzzy Hoboken Sheep who calls himself a Horse thought he was supposed to be a bodyguard in cyberspace for Mr. Tobak. Oh no!!! He didn't get the memo that the mayor has a backbone. Now what? He completely guessed wrong about her opinion and for four days he's been taking incorrect direction! Watch for him to backtrack to make sure he is parroting exactly what comes from City Hall. Maybe people will forget how he goofed the last few days. Neeeeeigh! We mean, BAAAAAAA

He did a baaaaad job. His Standard Op Procedure is to call someone a member of the dark side if they state any opinion against Kids First or his friends. Every time someone anonymously supports Hola in a comment he jumps into the mix and has to contradict them, check out the posts. MR ED was hoping that people would just shut up.

Sheep, horse, whatever you are maybe someday you will get a backbone too. For now we wil just call you Slick Wooly.

PS I am entitled to my Opinion in America and Hoboken. I do not support the dark side politicians but I think The Hoboken Sheep Blog contributes to the dark side itself.

November 16, 2013
You are entitled to your opinion. But it comes with responsibility since you are trying to guide others to share your opinion and doing it in a frankly dishonest matter.

Here is an excerpt from the piece on the Toback letter. Show me (and the people you are trying to manipulate) where MSV is being a pitbull for Toback or sucking up to Zimmer.

"A visit to the BoE showed a rather respectful meeting where HoLa parents were petitioning the Hoboken BoE not support its Superintendent Mark Toback in his letter prepared for the NJ Department of Education opposing their expansion.

Other than failed BoE candidate Brian Murray who made all negative remarks/attacks against those who he had lost to in the election last week, the parents were respectful and positive asking for support of their school.


Funding is already at its limits with facility issues for all four Hoboken districts an impending problem, no longer off in the distance. Some parents openly raised the issue of money and the scramble for who's going to get it.

In the brief visit MSV saw several speakers and lots of parents from HoLa with Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, political operatives Matt and Nick Calicchio, Perry Belfiore, Ines Garcia Keim and also council candidate Frank "Pupie" Raia in attendance with dozens of parents.

Talking Ed Note: If there is a solution, MSV doesn't see one where the taxpayers aren't going to take it on the chin. No one mentioned taxes and of course all the parents present would support higher taxes to achieve their objective of seeing HoLa expanded.

ONE MISNOMER AMONG MANY IN HOBOKEN'S EDUCATION DISTRICT IS THE MAYOR CONTROLS THE BOE MAJORITY VIA KIDS FIRST. IT'S NOT THE CASE [emphasis mine] and so whatever is sorted out amongst the four Hoboken school districts will be an education driven outcome."

PS, the "sheep" thing here and on MSV is wearing thin. Perhaps if *You* were not being a sheep yourself, you would read the articles you comment on so see if the content actually supports your fixed position and cite examples accordingly instead of just announcing that you have once again been proven right in your superiority to the rest of us.

One other word to the apparently not very wise - putting the word "honest" in your handle is a red flag. You either are or are not honest, and we can judge that from your words. Your words tell us you are dishonest and manipulative. Perhaps you could change your handle to suit what you have revealed about yourself.