Hoboken people learn fast!!
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Dear Editor:

Hoboken is a great place to be. Rose Orozco said it for me. St. Matthews Trinity Lutheran Church was there. I got warm there, felt good there. Hoboken people were great. If they had power, they put extension's on the porch, money, they bought you a cup of coffee, if you forgot that ATM's do not work in most emergencies. It was the little things...the block outside, picking up trash, the small kindness. Wow!!! So, when I say this, Mr. Simoncini, I can speak with a smile.

The old Real Estate adage of "Death, Destitution and Divorce," being motivating factors for sale, will not work in Hoboken. There will be no badgering of Hoboken residents, to pick up, throw out and upgrade properties, with the hundred thousand a year crowd, in mind. When you are counting on more condos to get you those votes, remember that the election was impressive, considering the circumstances, but there were, I am sure, a lot of renters that could not vote. I am, also, sure that the residents of Hoboken will request a complete reading of any petition before signing. No one will fool the voter of Hoboken, again, with a statement that it is for renters rights. We will know that it is for Simoncini's push to turn Hoboken into an aluminum, over populated, expensive ghost town, with artists moving where they can afford to live and sell.

Hoboken people learn fast!! The council people and Mayor's, past and present want Hoboken to remain desirable and affordable to people that live here now. Anyway, people of Hoboken, if you are having problems with anyone trying to force you to sell, remember that there is a council that will listen. It is in their best interest to make sure Hoboken is not bullied in their time of stress. Don't sign any petitions as we will not get tricked again...The residents of Hoboken will remember that you are "coming", Mr. Simoncini and, hopefully, they will keep a very watchful eye out for you and yours.

Bonnie Toadvyn

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December 23, 2012
but not slanderous ....like the blog you love and support.

December 23, 2012