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Dear Editor:

In reply to that smarmy writer for the New Yorker Magazine, whom you wrote about in your February 9 article, I have a few things to tell him.

First, his ignorance is manifest by the fact that he doesn't know that there are far more pigs in Iowa than in New Jersey. Second, when my wife and I moved from Arlington, VA three years ago, we could have lived anywhere we wanted to. We decided not to live in a state without a functioning legislature. That would be New York. We also decided not to live in a state with costs and taxes through the roof. Again, that would be the Empire State. That pretty much meant New Jersey. I'm a Jersey Boy (raised in Lyndhurst). We chose Secaucus for a variety of reasons. It is quiet, clean, non-polluting and nearly crime-free. Such crimes as are committed are committed by n'er-do-wells from surrounding communities: Jersey City, North Bergen, Union City and, dare I say it, New York. (My favorite miscreants are the two morons who tried to shoplift a 50" HD television from the local Walmart.) The Secaucus police arrest at least two New Yorkers every week. Secaucus also has efficient, hard-working, honest government. Can't say that about New York. The Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly is Secaucus native Vincent Prieto. New York has Sheldon Silver. As they say in Bensonhurst, Oy Vay.

I'll give this to New York: it has the greatest train station in the world: Grand Central Terminal. When we go to New York, we board the third-greatest train station in the U.S.A., the magnificent Secaucus Junction and disembark at the worst train station in the country: Penn Station. I've been in better third world country train stations.

Charles V. Bremer

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