Immigration laws need to be reformed
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To the Editor:

It is a sad testament to the state of U.S. law when a public officeholder, such as Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, can openly proclaim to break U,S. law by not cooperating with ICE agents in their duty to enforce U.S. immigration law, and remain in office. Every U.S. public official is sworn into office to uphold the laws and the U.S. and state constitutions. By not upholding U.S. law Mayor Fulop is governing by decree, exactly what our Founders attempted to prevent by writing our Constitution. If a public official cannot, by his/her conscience, uphold a law he/she has two choices in our democracy as defined by our U,S. Constitution: 1. Lobby at the state and federal level to change the law; 2. Resign from office. How did we arrive at a state in this country where hardly anyone in the press and most people in the general population no longer cherish our Constitution? For three generations we have been taught by our educational system to think emotionally and not rationally. Thus, the responses I received to my letter explaining why the term “Undocumented Immigrant” does not make sense were all emotional. One respondent tried to explain that some migrants enter the U.S. circumventing the law, and calling them undocumented immigrants gives them back their humanity. First of all, you cannot circumvent a law. You can circumvent an accident by braking hard when someone cuts you off in traffic. When you do not follow a law, you break it. Second, following the logic of that respondent, one could argue that a person without monetary means can then “circumvent “ the law by simply taking what he/she needs, and to give back that person his/her humanity we call that person a “non monetary acquirer” instead of a thief. Can you see the abyss we are approaching by arguing emotionally? I myself am an immigrant. I came to the U.S. in 1981 as a visitor with a limited working visa that allowed me to work only for subsidiaries of my German parent company. I financed the legal fees to obtain permanent residency and became naturalized in 1999. I took great pride in expanding my English vocabulary to the best of my ability and also learning in which context the words are supposed to be used. Our schools must focus again on teaching our children proper language, math, science and history, not such utter nonsense as social sciences and social intelligence. Our immigration laws need reformation. But only if we speak the same language, use the same words in the same context and keep our thoughts rational can we discuss how to reform our laws. Let us all work on bringing more logic back into our lives.


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