In Response to Mason's Position on the Monarch and Vision 20/20
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Dear Editor: The following is a letter to Councilwoman Mason

Dear Councilwoman Mason:

Recent statements you made about the proposed uptown waterfront residential tower development known as the Monarch Project and the proposed downtown affordable housing development project known as Vision 20/20 are of some concern.

First, you indicated that you are against the Monarch Project. However, your voting record does not reconcile with your public position. For example, on February 15, 2012, you voted against an emergency appropriation which was needed to fund legal representation to fight the Monarch Project. Also, on July 10, 2013, you voted against a City Council resolution which was needed to fund legal representation to fight the Monarch Project. Thus, while you say you are against the Monarch Project, your actions as a Councilperson have harmed the City's ability to fight the Monarch Project.

Second, you indicated that you are in favor of Vision 20/20. However, publicly, to date, you have not referred to any master plan or cost-benefit analysis to support your position.

(A master plan accounts for community input and land use objectives. A cost-benefit analysis helps show financial implications.) This is like approving the construction of a home without a floor plan or cost break-down. Therefore, while a strong argument can be made that Hoboken’s affordable housing stock needs revitalization, your endorsement of Vision 20/20 may be imprudent.

In the future, please help the City in its fight against the Monarch Project by voting correctly and use a more reasoned and factual approach when advocating for affordable housing.

Franz Paetzold,
2nd Ward

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May 11, 2014
interesting letter by mr. paetzold...being that he has been a strong critic of mayor zimmer, I assumed (maybe mistakenly) that he was a beth mason supporter. though i welcome the letter and had similar thoughts, it should be noted that if mr. paetzold had not run in the last election, it is likely there would have been a run off election and maybe beth mason would have never been re-elected. so he shares in the responsibility that she is still in office ruining hoboken with her politics.
May 12, 2014
RBM, Franz also ran on a platform that included preserving the budget surplus and then said not a peep when Beth and friends moved to gut it.

I don't trust him in least. This sounds like a repeat of his last campaign. Run as an alternative to Beth to split the reform vote. Next thing you know he's back holding hands with Matt Calicchio at city council meetings.

No thanks.