Inaccuracies from Sebik
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To the Editor:

I would like to address some misinformation that was put out in a letter last week, written by one John Sebik. I find it comical that Mr. Sebik cites his contempt for politics and how he is a “people-tician.” I’ve never seen Mr. Sebik at a council meeting and I haven’t seen him write a letter to the Community News, well that is until he decided to run for office. As a resident of Bayonne for 40 years, you’ve never cared till now? Or is it that you are being political, since you have something to gain by smearing our elected leaders. You stated that people are leaving Bayonne, here is a fact, Bayonne has grown since 2010 according to the U.S. Census. Mr. Sebik, with each letter you write, you lose credibility. Your willingness to lie for personal gain is reprehensible. I hope in the future you do some fact checking before you go writing non-sense. That sort of thing is not helpful to anyone in the town.


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