Keep ICE on the job
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Dear Editor:

After the tragedy of 9/11, politicians said they would never forget but it appears that some liberal politicians have forgotten their pledge to keep America safe and want to disband ICE. Our previous lax visas laws allowed 9/11 to happened. ICE’s job is the removal of people who violate our immigration laws especially those who have engaged in illegal activities including drugs and sex trafficking.

As a citizen, I cannot choose which laws to obey, the consequences of not obeying are fines and/or prison time. Unfortunately, many liberal politicians want an open border and have no problems with noncitizens breaking the laws.

Personally, I don’t believe the so-called compassion by our politicians, they want illegal immigration because the 2020 census is around the corner and they want to protect their political turf. Congressional seats are based on populations, not citizenship; plus, the distribution of federal tax dollars is based on a head count, the higher the head count, the greater the funds. It is well known, politicians love spending our tax dollars.

But here is the irony, you cannot go to a public meeting in a public building without being scanned and/or show your ID so the politicians can be safe but they want massive immigration which puts the public at risk. Disbanding ICE is a welcome mat for any terrorist willing to explore this weakness and is nothing but an open-door policy for drugs and sex trafficking on the southern border.

It is sad that our politicians would sell out the safety of American citizens for their personal political gain.

Yvonne Balcer

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