Loews Theatre, Journal Square
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Dear Editor:

For over 20 years a dedicated group of volunteers has put in countless hours restoring the Loew's Theater in Journal Square in Jersey City, from near total wreck to a glorious community space. When I have attended events that they have organized there was a sense of community and good will that is hard to find almost anywhere. That may all be ruined soon.

Now that Journal Square is getting to be a hot commodity this space is too valuable for the city to overlook. All the value that these volunteers have added will now be used against them as wealthy interests look to cash in on their hard work. Of course this is what always happens when creative people improve a neighborhood, but I had thought the Fulop administration would be progressive enough to see the real value here. Instead, like every other political entity, they are blinded by big money. After talking to someone at City Hall I feel that the propaganda machine is all geared up. They've made up their minds and it's time for all these volunteers to get out of the way.

Maybe the lesson is: don't ever do anything to improve your community, because the vultures will swoop down and leave you with nothing, you'll just be making it a better place to be forced out of.

Or, maybe if enough people make an issue of this the politicians will get the point. In any case, see what the people who have done all this good work have to say, and if you haven't been there, check it out before it's turned into just another slick commercial money machine.

You'll be amazed.


Greg Ribot

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