Man loses six fingers in North Bergen accident
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NORTH BERGEN -- According to Captain Patrick Irwin, on Dec. 19 at 6:24 p.m., police responded to Eagle Recycling at 4711 Dell Ave. on a report of an injured party. The victim, a 22-year-old Union City man, was working and attempting to pull cardboard from a feeder belt that was clogged when both his hands became stuck inside it. The machine was then shut off but his hands became tangled in the feeder, which led to six of his fingers being severed.

Captain Irwin believes the man lost four fingers on his right hand and two on his left.

West New York EMS along with North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue responded to free him from the machine. The man was transferred to Jersey City Medical Center.

According to Irwin, OSHA was notified and responded. OSHA investigates industrial accidents and will be looking into any violations/safety issues that were not addressed at the time. Police have still not received a response from OSHA.

Eagle Recycling representatives were unavailable for comment prior to this breaking news.

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January 24, 2013
The mere thought of this accident is so painful. I don't know how that guy handled it. The guy should definitely claim a compensation claim for this injury. I think he can get a fair amount.

Work injury lawyer
December 27, 2012
Their CO was revoked 2 months ago but they continued to work anyway. Now a guy loses his

fingers. Its time for someone other than NB to

handle this since its clear they can't.
December 23, 2012
When I read this story it makes me cringe. I feel really sorry for this guy. This is a really tough break. Well, at least he will have a great story to tell the grandkids someday. Really though, my sympathy is for this guy. I hope he sues the company for many, many millions and wins.

It just goes to show you must always be alert, accidents happen so dog gone fast. I at one time many years ago work on a really dangerous machine and the guy I was working with got the sleeve of his coat caught in the belt. If someone was not able to hit the emergency off switch really quick he could have died. Safety first.