Mayor Zimmer should not stay silent about vile bloggers
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Dear Editor:


That’s what’s come to the zealot Zimmer bloggers who have seemingly defamed the reputation of Hoboken residents Lane Bajardi and his wife, as was revealed in allegations in a $2 million law suit against the principals of the hate blogs, “Grafix Avenger” and “Mile Square View.”

After reading the disgusting allegations in the Hudson Reporter last month, I find it hard to believe the deafening silence coming from the Mayor’s office in regard to this matter. Nancy Pincus, aka “GrafixAvenger,” was appointed to the city’s Zoning Board with the mayor’s blessings while Roman Brice, aka “Mile Square View/Hoboken Horse,” is a blatant and out-spoken Zimmer supporter.

It appears, by her silence, that Mayor Zimmer condones the documented definition and bullying of Mr., Bajardi and his wife.

The Reporter story clearly outlines what happens to be ongoing harassment suffered by the Bajardis, who claim they never blogged under two anti-Zimmer screen names, but suffered the horrific consequences from her zealot cadre of hit-squad internet bloggers.

One can only assume the hatred and arrogance contained in the vile posts against the Bajardi’s, as are outlined very clearly in their law suit. The nerve of them to ask readers to call DYFS to investigate the care of their child, or contact the IRS to investigate the plaintiff’s tax returns.

Pincus, a city official, appears to relish hate laden posts that she opines on her and other blogs.

Mayor Zimmer, only slightly breaking her silence, seems to be back-peddling in her support of Pincus and Brice, telling the Reporter that she has no comment and is unaware of their actions. If push comes to shove, it appears she is very willing to throw them, and a number of John Does, under the bus.

Earlier this year, City Council members offered a resolution to have Pincus removed from the Zoning Board, citing a long list of vile posts including fictitious “memos” to the FBI in which she professed her desire to shoot someone and asking for a gun. Not only did the Zimmer coalition not pass the resolution, it praised her for her Constitutionally granted free speech.

Whether or not the Bajardis oppose or support Zimmer, the Pincus and Brice blogs specifically point to the couple as being everything evil in our city. The fact that the Bajardis claim not to have posted under the screen names targeted by Pincus, Brice and the other “John Does,” illustrates the pent-up anger the bloggers have for their opponents.

Karma takes its shape in many forms. Shame on them and Mayor Zimmer for condoning this despicable behavior.

Hector Torres

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August 11, 2015
Hi Hector, how've you been?

Any "arresting" new developments that "warrant" your attention?
September 13, 2012
The mayer should stop condoning the bullying of lane bajardly by his wife. His wife is brootal.

If the mayer doesn't condo it I bet his wife will stop doing it.

Hey not-lane dont forget to bring a radio and beers so we can listen to the yanks under the bridge. I'll bring the brigd. No coors go yanks!
September 10, 2012
Has Beth Mason come out and admitted to sponsoring the SLAPP suit against a dozen plus Hoboken residents or are we still pretending that her political operatives are victims?

Someone help me out here. I can't reach "Hector Torres" family at the HQ on lower Park Ave to get an answer.
September 09, 2012
It appears, by her silence, that Mayor Zimmer condones the documented definition and bullying of Mr. Bajardi and his wife.
September 09, 2012
Well done as always, my friend. Good use of mimicry of an opposition voice.

I do think the "and his wife" gambit may be getting played out. You use it here and in Hector's letter and in all other mentions of the suit. Passing her off as just some soccer mom whose name is not relevant is a good strategy as long as you don't overplay it. You're starting to overplay it though.

You shouldn't be revealing legal strategy so cheaply. You know, Lane is an operative, but Kim is just a stay-at-home mom, move along, no need to look further. It can have the reverse consequence.

You need to parcel it out more - don't use it every time. It's gotten a bit campy at this point, don't you think? Kim Cardinal is just "Lane Bajardi's wife"? Kim Cardinal? It's like constantly repeating "Bill Clinton - and his wife." You know, the Secretary of State, that wife?

Again, we all love you down here and are very proud of your slavish devotion to our teachings. We only mean these criticisms with loving concern for a true disciple of our "method".
September 09, 2012
Tim Occhipinti's 2010 ELEC report reflects a $40 payment to "campaign worker" Hector Torres.

Wonder what form Hector's service to Occhipinti took? Hmmmm.... Let me sit here and pretend that I need to think about it.

Same old same old. Paid votes, paid letters to the editor. The only interesting part is that anyone is still expected to believe any of this.

A note to the *actual* author of this letter: I wouldn't be lobbing the word kharma around if I were you. Yours just got that much worse. You respect neither the people you use nor the people you use them against. You think they don't know that?

The blade hanging over you just got a little heavier, and the cord holding it up just unwound a little more. Tick, tock.