Officials’ lack of communication left us stranded
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Dear Editor:

I truly agree with the letter regarding Sandy preparation. I am a 60 year old woman and once the floods started going down and I was able to get around I too walked Hoboken to obtain information, which the residents in my neighborhood were lacking. No one came, not one politician, city worker, etc., into our neighborhood advising us of the conditions, where we could get supplies, etc. The only way many of us learned of our mayor's news conferences were text messages from people in other states, since they had access to television.

Now I'm not sure who is telling the truth with regard to the National Guard, but during one of my walks I stopped to thank some Guard men and women and one said they would have been in town sooner. I asked what did he/she mean by this and was told that they were positioned on the turnpike waiting to come into town due to the fact that they were told by our mayor not to enter since the town has everything under control.

So which was it, did all her media presence bring the guard in town or were they already positioned on the turnpike to do so? In any event, if it wasn't for myself and other neighbors we wouldn't have had the response in my neighborhood with volunteers bringing essentials to us.

Debra Morisette

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February 18, 2013
Funny b/c I got emails on my phone from my city council person, facebook updates, twitter updates, updates on the radio and saw flyers posted on trees and buildings around town. Do you really expect the city to knock on your door to tell you what is going on? I for one don't.

And calling BS on that national guard story of yours. The mayor was filmed on CNN asking where the national guard was and that footage aired internationally.