One giant think tank
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Dear Editor:

Way before the big storm blew in the Healy bunch had been fishing off their sinking ship without any bait on their pole. It’s obvious they were and are in denial. They are satisfied with the city. The only thing consistent is their never ending blather. They are satisfied with the way their fund raising is going. Imagine that? Are they delusional?

Here I’m thinking that settling for mediocrity is settling for failure. The real reason why the current administration cannot raise funds is because the potential donors don’t believe in them nor that they can win. The donors would rather donate to a candidate they feel strongly about. More so the big money sees a different candidate more organized, focused, and structured. Someone so bright it’s silly. This person is Steve Fulop who does not have a machine but rather a tank. One giant think tank. Jersey City has a fantastic Mayor on the way regardless of what the haters may say. They talk about a supposed secret meeting that Fulop took part in. It wasn’t a secret. It was a coffee clutch, a meet and greet. They talk about his ties to Wall Street. He left from there by his own free will twice. They talk about him taking off work for a year. Steve Fulop is not off from work. He is working everyday to become a new Mayor for Jersey City. They talk about him being a one percenter. The one percenters are department and autonomous agency directors, the insiders at city hall who hoard tax dollars for their own benefit on the backs of helpless home owners and renters. Tax payers know what a golden parachute looks like when they see one. They talk about Fulop steering contracts to his major contributors and developer friends. What a desperate lie. Steve doesn’t have that kind of power. He has been the minority voice of the counsel dating back to 2005. It would be impossible to do that. Regarding the Board of Education, that government body proved its independence of Fulop when voting on the Superintendent contract. The plight of Jersey City is the lil crew of phonies and cronies that are pocketing tax payer’s monies. The problem is that in Jersey City the in crowd is still playing Machiavelli politics. I have news for them, that dude has been dead for 485 years and the world has changed dramatically since. I never agreed with his rant to keep friends close and enemies closer. To me keep friends close and to hell with the enemies who are so by their own choice. A Reformers enemy seems to be those that hold a dead ear and provide lip service. This recent special election victory by Fulop backed Diane Coleman in Ward F will portend the demise of the old way of government. Plenty new friendships have begun and a new dawn will come.

James Francis Waddleton
Lifelong Resident

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