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High times

An unmarked Hoboken police vehicle was patrolling the area around Tenth and Adams Streets, a neighborhood “frequented by drug users” according to a police report, last Tuesday around 11:30 p.m. when officers observed a gray 2012 Chevy Malibu apparently blocking a driveway. After noticing that the car had two occupants, they approached to investigate.

The driver of the vehicle, Nicolas Garcia, 19, of North Bergen, spoke to officers. When asked if the Malibu belonged to him, he responded that it did not, and that it was a rental car being used by its other occupant, who was identified as Bryant Mellado, 21, of Hoboken, according to the report.

According to the report, the officers asked both men if they were in possession of any illegal materials, to which they answered no. When asked what he was doing in the car, Mellado replied that he “was just on his phone.”

The officers asked Garcia to step out of the car, and when he did, they allegedly spotted a clear plastic bag of marijuana on top of the passenger’s side door, near the handle. According to the report, they also found a “blunt” filled with marijuana in the door.

Upon further inspection, the officers found a silver grinder, used to grind marijuana, a jar filled with nine smaller bags of the substance, and, allegedly on Garcia’s person, 40 small Ziploc bags, according to the report.

Both men were arrested and charged with possession, use or being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of paraphernalia, possession with intent to dispense under one ounce, possession within 1,000 feet of a school zone, possession within 500 feet of a park. Additionally, Garcia was charged with possession with intent to distribute and failure to appear on three past summonses. According to the report, he had unanswered summonses from the Hudson County Sheriff, Union City, and Paramus.

Would you like your crack pipe in metal or glass?

Early in the morning on Wednesday, police spotted Jose Rosado, 35, of Hoboken walking north on Jackson Street from Fifth Street, in the area of the Hoboken Housing Authority, according to a police report. Aware that Rosado had been previously charged with drug offenses and did not live in a Hoboken Housing Authority building, the officers followed him along Jackson Street, according to the report.

Officers alleged that when Rosado spotted them, he looked immediately startled and switch directions, now walking south on Jackson. But according to a report, by the time the police had circled around the block, Rosado had turned north again, and did not acknowledge the officers as they drove alongside him.

The officers then left their vehicle and approached the “sweating and shaking” Rosado, who police said immediately stated, “I didn’t do anything,” according to the report.

When asked where he was going, Rosado replied that he was going home, before sitting down on a nearby planter.

According to a police report, when Rosado sat down, police noticed a metal rod in Rosado’s right shoe, which the police alleged was consistent with the appearance of a pipe for smoking crack cocaine. Asked what the rod was for, Rosado allegedly replied, “Oh, that’s nothing, just a piece of metal.”

Upon further inspection, the officers determined that it was what the report called a “crack pipe,” and placed Rosado under arrest. Rosado also surrendered a glass pipe hidden in his shoe. He was charged with possession of paraphernalia and bail jumping, due to an open warrant issued by the Hudson County Sheriff.

Coke is it

Police responded to a call from a nurse at Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) early last Sunday after she said she found a bag of cocaine allegedly in the pocket of James Garcia, 34, of Union City, who had been brought to the hospital after he was found apparently passed out in Union City.

According to a report, police were told that EMTs transported Garcia to HUMC, where he regained consciousness and immediately became uncooperative. According to the report, the nurse had him placed in restraints because he was “highly intoxicated and very combative.” Garcia was also in a neck brace at the time.

Once he fell asleep, the report said, the nurse finally could search his person, which is when she located the bag of what she suspected was cocaine. Garcia was charged with possession, use, or being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

Never bring a mop handle to a knife fight

Police responded to 301 Jackson St. on June 10 because someone reported that a man was allegedly hitting cars with a stick, after having allegedly assaulting a Hispanic male.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers encountered the apparent victim, who had suffered bruises and contusions. Witnesses at the scene advised officers that the suspect had walked west in the direction of Marshall Drive, via the courtyard between 310 Jackson St. and 320 Jackson St.

After locating a suspect, James Ladson, 63, of Jersey City, in the area of 310 Marshall Drive, the officer asked Ladson if he had been involved in an altercation. Ladson said that he had, and accompanied the officer back to the scene.

The victim alleged that Ladson was his attacker, and Ladson was placed under arrest.

Upon questioning at police headquarters, Ladson said that the victim allegedly approached him with a hunting knife while he was unarmed and began to question him over money that he owed the victim. After telling the victim that he didn’t have the money on his person, Ladson said that the victim attacked him with the knife, eventually forcing him to trip and fall. According to Ladson, the victim then stood over him and allegedly threatened to kill him.

After a group of people pushed the victim away, Ladson said, Ladson ran to a nearby Dumpster and retrieved a mop handle. Police say he allegedly returned to the scene and began hitting the victim in what he said was an attempt to disarm him. The victim then ran into a nearby convenience store, where the victim’s brother was allegedly hiding. It was at this point, in an effort to goad the victim out of the store, that Ladson began allegedly beating the victim’s vehicle.

The victim chose not to press charges against Ladson, but the police issued Ladson summonses for aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes.

So you practice Santeria, but where’s the crystal ball?

A bystander notified police that he had seen two men throw a full garbage bag into the Hudson River twice in five days.

Police recovered one of the bags, which turned out to be filled with some odd contents: three headless roosters, various sliced fruits, and a handful of coins.

According to the bystander, the two men, whom he described as white, heavyset males, that were about 5 feet 10 inches tall with receding hairlines, had dumped a similar-appearing garbage bag at the same time, 11 p.m., exactly five nights earlier, on June 4.

The police retrieved the bag, which at the time was spotted about 100 yards from the shoreline, with the help of the Hoboken Fire Department’s marine unit, who delivered it to the Fourteenth Street dock, where it was opened.

Police surmised that both incidents were connected to some sort of religious or sacrificial ceremony.

Is that a ham in your pants?

Police responded to reports that a man was spotted shoplifting at a Hoboken supermarket on June 10, after being alerted to the incident by the store’s loss prevention officer.

Upon arriving on the scene, they met the man, who allegedly had placed about $20 worth of cold cuts and steak into his pants and jacket before being spotted by surveillance cameras by store security.

According to a police report, the man had attempted to steal a shell steak and packages of imported ham and provolone cheese.

The store declined to file charges against the man, whom police released.

Two cars, a radio, and four dollars

The Hoboken Police Department responded to two reports of burglarized vehicles in early June. One theft took place between the night of June 5 and the morning of June 6 in the neighborhood of 54 Madison St.

That burglary, involving a silver 2007 GMC Yukon, resulted in the loss of a Kenwood radio and DVD player, according to a police report. The report also said that there was some damage to the vehicle, especially the passenger’s side door.

The second theft, which took place sometime during the night of June 10, involved the theft of four dollars and an undisclosed amount of change from a Nissan Rogue 400 on Second Street.

The owner of the vehicle, according to police reports, reported no damage to the vehicle, but did mention that she had recently seen a news report that described how burglars may have recently figured out how to deactivate the codes on certain car models, including Nissans.

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July 07, 2013
I was curious to know, in Hoboken when a sign reads “NO PARKING Fire Zone” is that code for park here as long as you would like? Last evening there was a fire at 1500 Hudson, if that happened right now and Police-Fire personnel needed to get in the circle they may have a problem.. Many cars park there for hours and do not get tickets, what is up with that?