Pub crawl is a disgrace
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Dear Editor:

When my dad was living he used to tell me stories of how drunks would lay on benches outside the churches to beg for money from those coming from mass. We have something similar now but instead of having homeless drunks on St Patrick's Day, we now have disgusting New Yorkers who live in Hoboken who puke, fall, trip and fall into those walking down the street as they celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Once again I walked over puke in the lobby of my building and was told to go F myself by those celebrants—especially the women—who are so drunk by 2 p.m. that they can't walk. This is not celebrating the Irish culture but a stereotype. If the parents who pay the rent for their drunken children in their over price apartments could see them, I think there would be an exodus out of Hoboken.

It is a shame to see the police, EMTs and fire departments being misused by having to answer false alarms, load drunken women into ambulances and for firemen to be taken from their post unnecessarily. I will not sign this as I have already had beer thrown at me today, just missed being puked on and then had to leave my town as I did last year to get away from this. I hope there is never another pub crawl in Hoboken. All it will bring are more drunks who behave as if they belong in the zoo.


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