Re: Homeless People in Jersey City – Part 2
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Dear Editor:

This is the second part of a letter to Mayor Healy and members of the Jersey City Council:

What I am proposing is a do-able thing given the perameters and regulations that are now in place from the federal government. It is clear that the 501c3s are not going to solve any problems for the homeless and are just reaping gains for themselves while the homeless sleep on the streets. My proposal would be a source of employment to Jersey City residents as there would be a need for employees at various levels to provide necessary services.

I do not want anything for myself. I am pleading with the mayor and council of Jersey City to take a proactive step to deal with the problem of the homeless. I am willing to work with the mayor and council to make this proposal manifest. It is in the best interests of the mayor and council to show the residents of Jersey City that they can do something other than serve the interests of Goldman Sachs, and other private interests, or create ordinances for financial gain at the expense of the taxpayers of Jersey City. The council has sat for far too long ignoring this problem. It is time to face the fact that if we don’t do something the ranks of the homeless will continue to swell and Jersey City will have more problems than it can handle.

Criminalizing the homeless is not the solution. The federal government has apportioned about $5 million dollars through HUD for the homeless. The city and county cooperating with each other is the fastest way to get the homeless shelter, housing and other assistance which will enable them to return to the workforce and stand on their own again. Corruption and wasting of funds on crony contractors is out of the question. Clear transparency and efficient management of the monies is absolutely essential.

In light of all the above, I am hereby making a formal demand for Jersey City to partner with Hudson County to bring this proposal into manifestation. The mayor and City Council of Jersey City must not continue to sit idle while the homeless are on the streets being abused in every conceivable way possible.

My proposal will yield a triple benefit in that the homeless get the help they need, that the City deals with the homeless problem proactively and new jobs are created for all. Please do not continue to ignore the homeless or trust on 501c3’s to be effective because they are not doing a blessed thing to actually make a difference.

Very truly yours,
Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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