Responding to last week’s Community News letter
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To the Editor:

Hello, I am responding to Mr.Sebik’s letter in last week’s Community News. I would like to commend you in your dramatic fight against billion dollar developers who don’t exist yet in Bayonne. The gold coast is alive and kicking. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the news but a legal battle between private entities slowed the development. But I saw on the news it has been settled and there are potentially 75 interested parties in development. But they won’t get far with you in the way, you’ve already promised to fight them and slow development more. Nothing you say makes any sense to the readers of this paper. You say you will lower taxes, but you don’t say how. The only way to spark Broadway is to offer tax breaks to business owners, but you said you’re fighting against that, so how will you achieve this?

Should the city buy the storefronts that are vacant? How can they do this without raising taxes? I’m sick and tired of the lies spewed by empty suit wannabe politicians like you. You’re already off to a bad start. Your math doesn’t add up at all. Compared to the rest of the highest taxed state in the union, our tax increases were minimal. No one I know was forced out of his or her home, so please stop with the fear mongering. We all want a better Bayonne Mr. Sebik, to suggest that we don’t is a slap in the face to our parents, you know the seniors who built this town after the war; the veterans who came back and became cops. You are very familiar with those officers. They rolled up their sleeves and worked hard. They didn’t try to achieve a paycheck from city council with lies and a smoke show. You still have yet to provide any information about your work experience and how you will make Bayonne better. So until then, please stop. You have provided no proof that you can do any of what you say. As far as we know, you’ve never even had a real job. At least Mr. Zanowic has had employment in the bowling alley. Where have you worked” How will these experiences help you change Bayonne?

Thank you.


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January 15, 2014
published in the Bayonne Community News, Maybe you missed that edition

I Believe in a #BetterBayonne

November 11, 2013 at 11:22pm

My name is John Milan Sebik and I’m running for Council at Large. I would like an opportunity to, not only introduce myself, but to familiarize the public with my background, passions, and ideas.

I was born August 30, 1971 in Jersey City but moved to Bayonne, with my family when I was 6. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. My mother is German and Ukrainian and my father is from Slovakia. I have attended St. Joseph’s Grammar School, Bayonne High School, and Pace University. I have also recently earned a Master of Science Degree from New Jersey City University specializing in National security, Cyber security and Corporate security. I graduated with High Honors. My decision to go back to College at age thirty nine was not only a great challenge but experience. I have spent the majority of my career in Distribution Management and Logistics, working in union and non-union environments. I have worked in support of Federal Contracts, at large corporations and also at a start-up company.

I have a deep love and passion for Bayonne, however the Bayonne that “was” is not the Bayonne that “is”. Bayonne Politicians have for years taken and have not given back. I can fondly remember walking on Broadway as a little boy with my mom going shopping in all the high end shops like Variations, Madamouselle, Posner’s, and, of course my personal favorite, Irwin’s. I would go grab a root beer float from Woolworth’s as my mom shopped. I genuinely miss the days of innocence and comradery. There’s been a lot lost through the years but the kind, hardworking people in this town are worth the fight.

What we have seen in this town is one mismanaged project after another with zero accountability. Politicians have continued to make promises during their campaigns and when they get elected, nothing changes. Yes, you will read great press releases but that is all they are, a press release with no bite, no substance. Bayonne, is in such an advantageous position not only because of its supportive, diversified citizens but its unique real estate and proximity to New York City. This town should be and will be a shining example of a prosperous, growing, sustainable safe community. The Mayor has consistently seemed distant at times and cared more about, “What was going on in the Federal Level of Government and NOT in Bayonne”. This administration has also faced scandal after scandal and the saying is “ Where there is smoke, there is fire ”. What we have also seen most recently is a Mayor and Council in denial.

I will commend the Mayor on being a good Community Organizer but not as a Leader with a Vision. The Mayor has failed to increase the tax base, failed to create jobs, failed to bring any real redevelopment to the Military Ocean Terminal, failed to improve the quality of life for citizens and failed to reinvent the Broadway shopping district, ALL of which were Hall-marked in Mayor Smith’s inaugural speech in 2010.

We need to reset our town, our Bayonne, and not only invite but keep a wide open door and engage our citizens, property owners, and business owners. We also need full transparency for every department in City Hall. With today’s technology, transparency should an automated process. We need fresh faces in City Hall that will truly stick to their word and represent the people who elect them. Yes, the last election (2010) brought a new Mayor and Council to City Hall for the first time since 1962 but sad to say, there were never any NO votes against the Mayor’s Agenda. Yes, the Mayor pushed his agenda through with zero opposition. You would think that with that much agreement, this town would be different by now but it is NOT. The promises of the last six years have not brought any fresh ideas or new energy to our town. I believe that is obvious to all who live here. Our current Leader and the City Council should be sacked and honestly should be embarrassed to run again on their record.

Bayonne needs an individual, who has a true vision and plan for its future. I have an undying passion for Bayonne and its growing, diverse citizens and I will work diligently to reconnect with all citizens. The problem that we have all witnessed for the last six years has been that citizens have completely disconnected from a government that they do not trust. I will give the people a reason to believe, a reason to have faith, a reason not to give up. The citizens in Bayonne know that Bayonne is a small community worth fighting for. I know that the city of Bayonne will do best NOT with a an out of touch government but with a New open government willing to listen and work with its citizens who have not only a vested interest in this community but also a shared responsibility for our community’s future.

I am committed to serving citizens’ interest and not special interests. I will work hard to make our government the most transparent city government in New Jersey. I will work with all Serious builders and developers, who would love the challenge of developing Bayonne’s Prime real estate and I will negotiate the best deal for Bayonne’s taxpayers. I will engage in a campaign to bring in new businesses to Broadway using common sense tax incentives to business owners and property owners and truly bring back a great “Center of Town” and a new revitalized Hub of Commerce. I will NOT engage in long term abatements that do nothing to lessen the burden on the taxpayers of this great town. It is about time the taxpayers of Bayonne get a deserved break on taxes. Finally, I will work hard to put the “UNITY” back in our Community and invite anyone who wants to play a part in something new and something real to step up and feel free to contact me personally or the campaign. I look forward to sharing not only my energy but the energy of our team with you. I pledge a #BetterBayonne.

John Milan Sebik

Candidate Council at Large