Sending the wrong message to our children
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Dear Editor:

As a Councilperson, I take my job very seriously. I believe one of my obligations is to support every school, every child and every family in Hoboken. Especially when I am lobbied to for support, as was the case.

I fully understand both sides of the issues regarding charter schools. However, I have to take issue with the recent action of the Hoboken Board of Education against the expansion of the HoLa Charter School. Taking legal action against the school is certainly not the answer; it only serves to further divide this community and sends the wrong message to our children.

There was a request for a two-pronged resolution before the City Council: first asking that the Hoboken Board of Education drop the legal action against the HoLa Charter School expansion and second, that Leon Gold, President of the Hoboken Board of Education, apologize for his offensive remarks regarding “white flight.”

At the May 21st Council meeting, I sponsored the requested resolution which Councilman Russo was the co-sponsor. After much debate, Councilpersons Russo, Mason, Occhipinti and I voted to support the legislation. The Zimmer faction, Councilpersons Doyle, Giattino, Cunnigham, and Bhalla voted inlock-step against the resolution. Further, Councilman Mello removed himself from the dais in protest of the vote.

In my opinion, the resolution was an effort to put an end to the divisiveness and seek an apology for Gold’s hurtful remarks, and begin the healing process.

Unfortunately, the Zimmer faction chose to put their politics before our children, opting to continue an arrogant and divisive agenda against the best interests of our city’s well being.

Theresa Castellano
First Ward Councilwoman

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July 13, 2014
It costs money, but sometimes legal action is the only way to force policy to make things right.

The way the schools are set up currently sends a more shameful message to the children. Public school kids have always seen the more affluent white kids go to private schools, and now the charter schools provide even more opportunity for separation. In such a small town, the divide happens right in front of the kids. They see it! It's worse for for them to witness it up close than just knowing that there are some all white towns. Honestly, I am so embarrassed by it, and know that my child will look back and know that it was wrong.

It's an uncomfortable topic, and some people (especially those in denial) don't want to hear it, but don't try to silence people who mention these truths.
June 30, 2014
As everyone knows Theresa Castellano as part of the family of former mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo have long had their own agenda of divisiveness.

These phony attempts to try to cast others as haters and dividers is pretty much SOP for Mrs. Castellano.