Serve and Spike
by Mike Lynch
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: In high school volleyball, are assistant coaches required to attend this meeting? Are team captains required to also attend?

ANSWER: Head coaches and team captains are required to attend. If assistant coach attends in the place of head coach, the assistant will be recognized as the team representative with responsibilities and accountability as head coach. Playing team captains are the only ones permitted to communicate with referees during each set. (Rule 1, Sec. 6, Art. 3; Rule 6, Sec. 3, Art. 1).

QUESTION: During the pre-match meeting, who makes the initial coin toss call? Visiting or home team captain? Does the team who wins the coin toss get choice of serve, receive or playing area?

ANSWER: Visiting squad get to call the coin toss. Home team upon entering the facility automatically gets to select playing court area/ bench. Coin toss winner gets choice of serve or receive in first set. There will not be a coin toss in second set; hence, coin toss loser in set one will gain remaining choice from first set. Visitor chooses to serve in set one; home team will serve in set two. If deciding third set is needed, home team captain will call coin toss. Winner shall choose to serve, receive or playing bench area. Loser of toss is given remaining choice. (Rule 1, Sec. 2, Art. 4, a, b; Rule , Sec. 6, Art. 1-3).


: In high school volleyball, a player from receiving squad (Team R) hits a ball which touches a line judge. Does ball remain in play? Is this a replay?

ANSWER: The ball is considered out of play; hence, dead ball. If referees determine that Team (R) player could have made a legal play had the ball not contacted line judge, a replay could be called (Rule 2, Sec. 3, Art. 1,e; Rule 2-4-1, a)

QUESTION: In reaching for a volley by a teammate, left back (LB) stands with two feet on first row of bleachers which are about 8 feet from sideline. Legal play?

ANSWER: Dead ball, out of bounds as this is considered a nonplayable area. A replay would be called if nonplayable area was less than 6 ft. from sideline and player had legitimate chance to make a play (Rule 2, Sec. 4, Art. 2, Penalty).

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