Setting the record straight about Ravi Bhalla
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Dear Editor:

I write in response to Perry Belfiore's vile letter aimed at destroying Councilman Ravi Bhalla's good name. It is important for the public to know the facts about Ravi.

After rehashing past allegations about Ravi that were discredited years ago, Mr. Belfiore levels a series of new claims about Ravi’s recently joining a well-known and well-respected New Jersey law firm, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Fader.

Here are the facts: Ravi joined the Florio Perrucci firm, and the firm immediately discontinued working for the City of Hoboken in order to avoid any conflicts of interest related to Ravi’s employment. Furthermore, as soon as Ravi believed he might join the firm, Ravi abstained from voting on approving any payments to the firm for the work it did for the City—just as any responsible and ethical public official would. The Florio Perrucci firm's decision to hire Ravi meant it recognized that while losing the business of the City of Hoboken, they would gain by adding a talented young attorney with a great future, as they believe that Ravi will make great contributions to their firm, just as Ravi has made great contributions to our city.

It's a shame that we are in an election season and Ravi has to put up with this nonsense. I know Ravi to be a decent, humble, and dedicated public servant. I thank Ravi for his public service, and trust and hope that he will not be discouraged by false attacks on his reputation by Mr. Belfiore.

Phil Cohen

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