Six reasons Sister Yvonne, why I am not voting for Fulop!
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Dear Editor:

I am expressing my six reasons for why I will not be voting for Councilman Fulop.

1) Although publicly opposed to the high pressure gas line that Spectra Energy will run through Jersey City, Steven Fulop accepted $25,000 in campaign contributions from law firm DeCotiis and Fitzgerald, the lobbyists for Spectra Energy in March 2011. Only after the public and press shed light on this, did Fulop return the money in June 2012, over one year later. It was public pressure, not his conscience that made him return the money.

2) Mr. Fulop proposed to change the Affordable Housing Trust Fund rules by proposing affordable housing only placed in the ward where the developer was building. With most of downtown already developed, and most of the planning now focused on other wards, this change will work to keep the low income residents where he feels they belong, away from downtown.

3) For the past two years, the Fulop backed school board mistakenly passed school tax increases in the amount of 2 percent per year. Fulop complains of high property taxes, but never supported residents when they tried to have the mistakes of the Fulop backed school board corrected.

4) Mr. Fulop arranged for a secret meeting with the Commissioner of Education, school board members and a select group of parents from downtown to discuss the hiring of the public school superintendent excluding families from across the city to participate in the process. This meeting violated the spirit of the Open Meetings Act by having sitting school board members, board members elect, Commissioner Cerf and a few handpicked parents.

5) When residents repeatedly complained about the taxi stand in Journal Square and the long lines, a quality of life issue which effects non downtown residents, Fulop never took the time to help residents resolve this problem. Seniors, women with children, working people still wait on lines for long periods of time for an available cab at night. Winter is coming.

6) In a recent interview, Fulop said that his parents were immigrants and owned a "bodega". From what I've read, his parents immigrated from Eastern Europe and owned a delicatessen. This pandering for the Latino vote by pretending to be someone he's not is wrong in its face and gives me more reason to question his truthfulness about everything.

Honestly, he might have done some things that may seem like they're in the best interest of the residents, but in the end, he has not achieved anything in his eight years on the council. I don't think he is the person he would like the public to believe he is!

Monique K. Andrews
Parent and Life Long JC Resident

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October 14, 2012
1) Ms. Andrews apparently has the ability to sneak into someone else's head and figure out their motivation. Awesome.

2) Do your homework. Fulop is on the record calling for this change years ago. While you're at it, read the paper, because there is a lot more development happening downtown (Liberty Harbor?).

3) Hold school board members responsible for what they are responsible for, not people who don't sit on the board.

4) I've heard Mr. Fulop is also leader of the Illuminati, and current keeper of the Orb of Eden. Let's hope the Templars don't find out.

5) Get a map. Is Journal Square in Ward E? Last time I checked, it wasn't. Again, you're holding him accountable for something that is someone else's primary responsibility.

6) See #1. Please share how you're able to get into other people's head, because I would LOVE that ability.

Next time, please let us know who you ARE voting for. Because it's much easier to whine and complain about why you don't like a particular candidate than it is to justify why you'd vote for a failure like Mayor Healy. And in the end, are you holding Healy to the same standards as Councilman Fulop? After all, the Mayor has a lot more power to exert over every single of the issues you cite (journal square taxis, etc.)
October 14, 2012
ohyeahabsolutely, you must be in her head because she never said that she was voting for Healy. Fulop sticks his nose in EVERY WARD so why not talk about his involvement in Ward E. He knew about the issues so what did he do about it? Answer:(NOTHING)He does not sit on the school board but set up a secret meeting! There goes his nose again! So i think you need a better argument than this! It seems to me you need to get your facts straight! I guess he promised you a job too! SMH!!
October 14, 2012
Correction: Fulop sticks his nose in EVERY WARD so why not talk about his involvement in Ward D and every other Ward! If he wants to be Mayor he will have to work for EVERY WARD!!

October 14, 2012
STOP drinking the kool aid and MAKING EXCUSES FOR LITTLE HITLER!