Smoke signals
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To the Editor:

In the proper pecking order of accolades on a job well done and regardless of whose idea it was to do it, Mayor Smith, Chief Scianni, the Police Explorers, or the C.O.P. program, kudos to all.

It has been a long time since your recent endeavor to root out and discipline the tobaccophyles we have in this city, alluded to in the May 1 edition of your publication. More I say. I want it done more. I have always believed that the presence of uniformed police is the major deterrent for criminals not being criminal; a regular sting thing should be in place.

Now, fellow citizens, are the harsh thoughts I have to make, so settle in and think.

I begin with the term “youth endangerment,” which comes in many degrees. As simple as not attending a child under your care correctly right on up to what I refer to as sanduskyitis, aka pedophilia. Now having said this being the most extreme form of child endangerment, I feel all forms of child endangerment are equally heinous. That statement now leads me to this thought. When adults are found guilty of these charges, accusations, etc. they are usually vilified in a public forum or tribunal, aka courts, with a list of their crimes and names made available to the general public. Me personally, I would like to know if a neighbor of mine is a registered sex offender as do most other parents, guardians and grandparents. These “stores” that were stung will pay their fines, say they are sorry, and go on making their profits. Not enough. Simply put, they are criminals and short of a murder conviction, the worst kind of criminals. They have in fact abused and defiled our youth just for the $$$$$. With this said, I will now get to my agenda. Their names should be publicized so their fellow citizens and customers see them for what they are, child abusers and profit monsters. Pedophiles are mentally sick and demented. These tobaccophyes have sold their souls for profits, and accordingly should be harshly dealt with.

As was said during the French revolution, by the citizens of Paris, guillotine, guillotine. If it affects their business, too bad and so be it. Those kind of business practices are not needed in our town. Besides, these purveyors of child abuse should have realized there is a price to pay for your sins against fellow humans, especially when those humans are our future and most precious commodity: our children. In closing, a continued operation to prosecute and persecute these offenders should be as regular as the sun rises. Maybe this threat will be the best deterrent for these offending gutter tripe types and others in the future who may consider their crimes against humanity.


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